So have you decided where you are heading on your spring break? Is it Hawaii or Mexico or Yellowstone? Have you started your beauty prep? As spring break is upon you, it’s time to prepare yourself as there is so much more to do than just the packing! Whether you are heading to the mountains or the beach or to a desert locale, preparing your skin, hair, and nails at a trusted beauty salon like Salon Lofts can get you ready for a week or two of intense traveling. No one is asking you to change everything about your appearance. In fact, we believe in beauty tips that can make you look and feel more prepared and comfortable in your own skin before you hit the dream spring break.

Beauty Tips To Prepare For Your Spring Break: 

Taking care of your hair: During your spring break, your hair might get tangled due to the wind and waves, and the sand can make it dirty. This means it would need more regular cleaning, which can result in breaking. Perhaps unexpectedly, water is the main adversary. Soaking in the sea or floating in the pool for hours on end may sound relaxing, but this prolonged exposure to water causes a plethora of problems because it gives hair time to completely swell, breaking crucial bonds that are integral to the overall health and integrity of the hair structure. Hair strands weaken and are more prone to breaking, color fades more quickly, the texture becomes dry and harsh, and the gloss is dull.

Sun exposure may damage hair. The color may fade or become brassy and dry. You will want a conditioning treatment to restore those hair nutrients the more you color and blow-dry your hair. You may use oil and sleep with it overnight or use a leave-in mask. Healthy hair maintains color longer and ages slowly. The hair color will fade more quickly if your hair is dry. Dry hair lacks the nutrients necessary to maintain health and keep those color pigments. If you must wash your hair, be sure to condition it first to keep the color vibrant at home. Use quality shampoos and conditioners as prescribed by your salon professionals. 

Taking care of your skin: Regardless of skin tone, everyone should use sunscreen before going outdoors, but certain people need to take additional care. People with a lighter complexion, light-colored eyes, blonde or red hair, and less natural melanin are more in danger. This is due to melanin’s defensive properties, which provide darker skin types with some built-in defense. Additionally, different skin types may be more susceptible to harm in various ways. Avoid using retinol-containing products for a few weeks before your trip if you want to sunbathe.

Retinol is primarily used to treat or prevent aging symptoms, including wrinkles and dark patches. It is preferable to stay out of the sun entirely since it is the main contributor to wrinkles and dark spots on the skin. You may continue taking retinol safely if you can take measures to reduce sun exposure, such as wearing and reapplying SPF 50+ and remaining in the shade.

Taking care of your nails: Never underestimate the appeal of simple nail designs! Add one design element, such as a dot or straight line, after applying a clear coat or a light nail color for a nice manicure. Stick with a stark black for a stylish appearance, or add a flash of color in your favorite hue. With moisture-rich oils, there are many types of customized manicures that can restore dry and damaged skin. Pick a personalized hand or foot treatment when you go for your salon service. Put on gel-based nail polish as a finish. A gel polish may last for two weeks or more, making it an amazing hassle-free option for your nails during spring break.

Before your salon visit, consider your color options and make sure they match your appearance and sense of style. However, because gel-based nail polish might be difficult to remove, you should choose a color you won’t get bored easily with. Our pro tip would be to take a cue from mother nature and apply springtime nail polish! Choose your favorite flower or leaf pattern, play around with color combinations, and wave a blooming welcome to spring.

Now that spring is officially here, and we are on the onset of spring break, a little extra TLC can make you prepare to soak in more sun rays and create sun-kissed memories. To avoid all the sunburnt Snaps and messy hair Insta pictures, follow the above spring break tips. After all, nothing can come closer to the feeling of getting the perfect bronzed skin tone and “wind in my hair” look as you step out of a salon- looking all ready for your spring break!