How to play Dota 2?

As we all know, Valve’s MOBA is one of the most complicated games, but don’t let it let you down. Not serious, you don’t need to know the complexity of each hero, how to build all the items, or why skilled players sometimes deliberately drop their items on the ground. I guarantee that you can learn while walking and have fun in the process.

New Dota 2 players are now more popular than before, thanks to the new and improved new player experience and the first-class fan-created Dota 2 tutorials, allowing you to take the first step towards becoming a new Dota 2. Take it easy.

So if you are a League of Legends player and are curious about what happened in your neighbor’s garden, or the recent Dota 2 anime watcher wants to put on the dragon knight Davion’s scaly boots, or you just want to better understand one of them For the most important e-sports game which assistance can be got from expert by paying fees through payment gateways, please wear a seat belt and always keep your hands and feet in the car; let us learn how to play Dota 2.

What is Dota 2?

Dota 2 is an online multiplayer game where you and four teammates choose from a list of different heroes, and gradually increase their strength and power in each game until they are strong enough to defeat the enemy. Team’s Ancient-The glowing building of your base of operations.

Of course, the other party also fell in love with your elder and wanted to destroy him. So the whole game is a strategic balancing act. You decide what you need to do to gain an advantage for your team while ensuring that the enemy does not lose control.

Millions of hours of brain power have been invested to find the best way to achieve this, so there is a lot of research, but more importantly, your teammates or enemies don’t know how to play in the best way, so In fact, it’s about punishing you to try not to make too many mistakes.

DOTA 2 map

Dota 2 map is divided into two areas, Radiant and Dire. Radiant is on the left, an idyllic green paradise. Above the river that flows diagonally from the upper left corner to the lower right corner, you will find terrible land on the right side of the map. All the land is full of bugs and other things.

The map is also divided into three lanes: upper, middle, and lower. The area between the lanes contains the neutral small barracks and is called the jungle. Each team has three towers on one side of each lane, and they will automatically attack enemies and heroes within a certain radius. We will explain later what terrible, stay with us is.

The tower closest to the river is called the primary tower; the secondary tower is further behind, in the middle of the lane, and the tertiary tower is at the beginning of each lane, at the bottom of it. There is also a group of two-story four-story towers to defend the ancient one, located in the middle of your base. The lower left and upper right corners are fountains, which will restore your health and mana over time, and quickly attack any enemies who dare to break in. This is also where you can find the base store, where you can buy most items. You will also see your faithful messengers hanging out here; if you buy an item in the store when you leave the base, you can order your courier to deliver it to you; please be careful not to endanger it, because it takes a few minutes to regenerate. If he died.

Heroes can use TP scrolls to teleport to towers and outposts. Start with one of them and earn one every time he dies. You can buy more in the store; try not to get caught without them, because you can also teleport to the source when needed. However, the TP reels need a certain amount of time to guide, so if the enemy catches you, it is possible to cancel your TP.


A quick explanation; your teammates will often refer to the upper, middle and lower lanes, but you will also hear the terms outside line and safety line. The top road is the Radiant secondary road and Dire safety road, and the bottom road is the Radiant safety road and Dire secondary road. This is because the map is asymmetric. Safe passage is safer because your team’s first-level tower is closer to the colder place. The secondary line is the opposite: the minions are closer to the enemy’s first-level tower.


When talking about maps, it’s important to remember that you can’t actually see what’s going on anywhere, you can only see where you have a vision. Everything else is shrouded in the fog of war. The trees also block your view, you can’t see it on the mountain. The vision is shared among allies-whatever your team can see, you can see it too.

Vision is provided by many things, including weirdos, heroes, buildings, messengers, and watchmen guards. Placing observation sentries on the map is a key part of the game because they provide important information for your team. The small map in the lower left corner is a convenient way to see at a glance the enemy heroes you see and which ones are not on the map, which is probably not good.


Runes will appear on the map regularly and provide rewards for players or teams that collect them. There are four rune points on the map; two for each team in the river and one in the jungle. At the beginning of the game, at 0:00, runes will be rewarded and all teammates will be rewarded with gold coins, which will appear in each rune position. After that, they will only appear in the jungle rune position every three minutes. At the beginning of the game at 2:00 and 4:00 minutes, water runes will be generated at two rune positions in the river. These runes immediately restore 100 points of health and 80 points of mana for the collector. Empowerment runes are randomly generated at one of the two protection points of the river; they start to generate at 6:00 in the game, and then generate once every two minutes.


Dota also has a day and night cycle. The preparatory phase before the start of each game is at night, until the horn sounded at 00:00 and dawn. Then every five minutes the map will change from day to night, and vice versa. At night, the vision of most heroes will be reduced.


Due to items or skills, some units are invisible and can only be seen through the real sight. The real sight is provided by towers, items (sentinel, appearance dust, real sight gems) and some hero skills. Of course, there are also some skills that can make invisible units immune to the real horizon, just to make things more complicated and interesting.


Creeps, non-hero units, are the main source of gold coins in h game and experience in the game. When the creep dies, it will provide experience for nearby enemies. Fundamentally speaking, you can only get gold coins from minions when you kill (also known as the last blow). You must carefully observe the life bar and observe the exact moment you must hit the creep to ensure this, which is an ability in itself. You can also hit your friendly minions last to prevent the enemy from gaining money from the last hit, and at the same time reduce the experience they gain from minions by half. This is called denial.


Crews form a team with each team, generating waves from the base barracks every 30 seconds. They charge towards ancient enemies and will attack any enemy unit within range. They are not particularly scary, but even if you are weak at the beginning of the game, you don’t want a whole wave to hit you at once, biting your ankles like a group of angry children. They come in three flavors: ranged, melee, and siege. Siege Screams are catapults that appear once every 10 waves; they have high health and magic resistance, and cause heavy damage to buildings. If your barracks are destroyed in a specific lane, the opposing team will start to spawn super creeps in that lane. They are stronger and give less coins and experience. Once all your barracks are destroyed, the enemy will spawn giant creeps, which are more difficult to defeat.

Neutral creeps

Neutral creeps are hostile to both parties. They relax in the jungle (the area between the lanes), focus on their own affairs, watching the clouds and chewing grass in the camp, until a hero appears and hits them in the head. Neutral creeps spawn at 01:00, and then if the creep camp is empty at the time the clock strikes xx: 00, it will respawn during the rest of the game. There are several different types of neutral creatures that can appear in each camp. The ancient camp breeds ancient cold, especially strong; don’t try to knock them down until you become stronger.


Roshan is a behemoth found in his own special well in the middle of the river. He is a neutral bastard, but he is difficult to be knocked down and usually requires multiple heroes to complete quickly. When he is killed, he will drop the Immortal Shield, an element that gives the holder a second life; if they die, they will resurrect after a short delay. The Aegis expired after five minutes. Roshan will also drop additional items based on the number of times he was killed in that game.

DOTA 2 Heroes

A large number of available heroes ensure that each Dota 2 game presents unique challenges. Some heroes are natural counters for other heroes, and some heroes are more suitable for a particular game style. You have ranged melee heroes who use right-click to cause huge damage and heroes who use spells with devastating effects. As you accumulate experience throughout the game, you will level up and be able to assign a point to one of your skills. Each hero has an ultimate skill, which can be used at level 6 skills. When you start the game, we recommend that you choose a hero to learn the game, and then expand. Want to know who to choose? We provide a guide to the best Dota 2 heroes for beginners.