The word wedding resonates tradition, rituals and a vibrant culture that India has celebrated and cherished for millennia.It is a memorable event that involves the complete family and friends while indulging in dancing, singing,eating, merrymaking and most importantly adorning oneself with the best of the ethnic wear.As much as Indian weddings are known for its aspects of rituals and ceremonies, it marks the journey of a lifetime and whenever something speaks of eternal ties, it demands family extravaganza.It is the time when everyone in the house bedecks the best; but, the pivot is always the bride and the bridegroom.The shining princess for the day carries all charisma and style with her wedding outfit and the dazzling bridal jewelry.

Indian jewelry has a tradition of being carried and cherished for generations.To have a picture perfect look the Indian bride imbibes herself in multitudes of ethnic wear – preferably sarees or lehengas.But no matter what the attire is, the right jewelry compliments the entire look. Indian brides wedding trousseau is never complete without the antique earrings or the traditional bangles which remains an asset.

That said, picking the right and complimenting jewelryis a daunting task. Although there are options these days to pick select and buy bangles online, shortlisting the necklace designs from online platforms, choosing one from the plethora of designs is challenging, to say the least.

The jewelry set

If you are unable to find the right bridal jewelry, the best option is to go with a jewelry set.What goes best with that red classic Banarasi saree or the bridal lehenga is a diamond studded jewelry, Kundan choker necklace or an elaborate piece of gold neck piece. If you are wearing anything pastel, go with the platinum jewelry set.

The ring

The wedding ring is one piece of jewelry that you should hold on to the end of your lifetime.From a round diamond cut to glamorous golden or emerald studded ring, it is generally chosen by the bride.It does not necessarily need to complement the rest of the bridallook but should be a semblance of the gravitas of their love story.

The necklace

You cannot go wrong with the neck piece because this is the one jewelry that amplifies the beauty of the wedding look.Traditional necklaces go best with antique earrings.You can wear your mother’s or your grandmother’s gold or take a modern route with pearls, gemstones and kundans.Choker necklaces have a huge popularity with the millennial which has a regal look in itself.Depending on whether it’s lehenga choli or a Kanjeevaram, the necklace will dictate the overall bridal look.

The earrings

To bring out the shimmering glow nothing is better than the chandelier earrings.It complements the overall bridal look and can even be worn for any cocktail parties later.With lighter shades of dresses, choosing a diamond solitaire or an emerald tear drop shaped earrings can be an equally chic choice.


For Indian brides, it is considered a pious choice to wear bangles. From gold to diamonds, gemstones to pearls, there’s an innumerable choice specially if you want to buy bangles online.


When you have to give yourself for royal and dignified look without compromising the tradition, this piece of jewelry is the best go to.

Nose rings

This, we leave as an optional piece of jewelry.If you have a nose piercing, choosing the elaborate and intricately desired nose ring can make you stand out from the rest of the brides.With the beaded chains that connect the nose ring to that of your earrings can just be an amazingly appealing bridal look.