Are you going to buy a wig for the first time? We know it is challenging as there are a huge number of wigs are available in the market. Each day new variety of wigs having diverse styles or little alteration in existing styles come in the market.

 A first-time buyer just looks at the beauty and attractive colours of the wig. They don’t have an idea about its hair type, durability and a lot of other important things about a wig.

Millions of people wear wigs each day and you know your wig can be the same as your neighbour sometimes.

Many celebrities don’t wear wigs when casting a movie or serial however in daily life routine they mostly wear wigs as it has many benefits. We can say that wigs have made their importance more than we expect in our life. Here we are going to explore some tips that may help you to choose the right wig for yourself.

Tips To Choose The Right Wig For Ourself

Cap size of wig

An important thing to consider while choosing a wig is the right cap is basic or the security of the wig. If your wig cap size is right you will enjoy wearing your wig as it completely fits your head. 

If it is loose, it does not look natural nor do you feel easy wearing it. To get rid of uncomfortability, it is great to measure your cap size before you go to buy a wig for yourself. You can simply measure your cap size using tape measurement. 

Starting from the front going behind your ear and wrapping it from the neck to the front again will give your cap size. It is good to take measurements two to three times and then take their average will be the exact cap size.

Colour of  wig

To look diverse and stylish, wearing a colourful wig is a great choice. Most women wear black, brown, blonde and highlighted wigs.  Not every colour suits every woman, however, there is a wide range of colours available in the market and some of them will surely suit you. A wig that blends with your skin will look more natural and stunning. It’s all up to your skin colour and your choice of which colour suits you most.

Length of wig

The length of the wig also counts a lot giving you natural look. If your natural hair is short you can go for a short human hair wig as it looks great on you. If your hair is long, a lengthy wig will be best for you. However, you can try different lengths and one that suits you the most will be best for you.

Face shape

  • For oval face shape, it is good to try a wig without bangs and wigs offering hairs out of the face.
  • For a round face, it is good to try a curly long hair wig and a wig that weights top of the head. 
  • If your face is round, a short hair wig looks perfect and try to use different colour highlights. Curly hair with waves also looks nice

It is not recommended to use only these mentioned wigs, however, you can experiment with different wigs and select one that flatters your face and matches your personality.

Hair type

Hair is the core part of the wig therefore choosing the right hair type is also important. Mainly there are two types of hair synthetic and natural. 

Synthetic hair:

They are soft and lightweight. Also, they look smooth and shiny. They are machine-made and therefore are available at a low price. This wig is heat resistive and needs proper care for long durability.

Natural hair:

Natural hair wigs are made up of 100% pure natural human hair that a virgin girl donates for money. They are soft, silky, and look like your natural hair. They can be washed and styled any time you wish. They need proper care and have high price than synthetic hair wigs.

Style you love

The stylish look is every women’s wish and wigs offer them a great styling option. They are available in different styles like short hair, long hair, curly form and wavey style. It is good to try different wigs like headband wig, burgundy wig, black wig and wig with highlights and brown wig. What suits you the most is best one for you.

A headband wig is a cheap option for those who often like to change their shape. If you want efficiency, convenience and flexibility I recommend buying your next headband wig from UNice – they have a wide range of cheap wigs at a good price that will suit any budget.

Final comments

Selecting a comfortable and nice wig is something challenging for beginners. Proper cap size, good quality hair, affordable price and a wig that offer great styles are some aspects that are accountable for choosing the right wig. A wig protects your natural hair and offers you confidence in front of others. putting it in a nutshell, a wig you love the most is the best one for you.