Moving house is an exciting time, however it’s a process that unfortunately, doesn’t come without its stressful moments. The chaos of not knowing where to start, managing finances, and how to organise finer details can be extremely overwhelming- especially if you’re on a limited time scale. Packing is undoubtedly one of the biggest tasks associated with moving house- and is often the thing that puts people off the most. However, learning to pack efficiently can significantly improve things, and is one thing you can begin before your moving date. Additionally, if you’re thinking “how can I sell my house fast”, maybe incorporating some efficient packing and organisational tips is a great way to get things moving quickly.

1- Start with Supplies:

Despite the type of boxes, you have lying around the house, it’s always a good idea to invest in a variety of storage boxes to accommodate all your different belongings. It’s also a good idea to ensure they are able to withstand any weather conditions, as you don’t want your carboard boxes going soggy in the rain and all your possessions falling through. Investing in small to large, heavy duty and telescopic cardboard boxes is a great way to preserve all your items. Following that, ensure to buy protective layering such as bubble wrap Styrofoam and old newspapers.

2- Label Everything:

There’s no doubt that once you move house, your new home will be in a state of chaos and overrun with boxes and bags. To avoid having to open every box in the hallway to see its contents and then organise it according to rooms, why not label everything whilst packing? It’s a life saver of a hack and means that on the day of moving you can put each box in its designated room before opening it.

3- Start Early:

No matter how fast you think you can get your house organised, it will always be a lengthy and laborious process. To avoid getting stressed and feeling overwhelmed, begin packing well in advance. For a large house, begin packing at least two months in advance, If you think you have enough stuff to rent a whole dumpster, then make a reservation at alpha pa dumpster rental and reserve the day you start to declutter. This is a great way to avoid stress.

4- Declutter or Donate:

Your new home is a fresh start, so maybe it’s time to declutter and donate before you move house to avoid bringing old baggage into your new home. If you have unwanted collections of CDs, books or clothes- why not donate them? If you don’t feel like donating but want an easier way to pack lots of items, make an inventory list to keep an eye on what you have packed and what is waiting to be boxed.

5- One Room at a Time:

Don’t commit to one task and start another- it’s a recipe for disaster. One of the most important things is to organise items room by room, and complete one room before starting on the next. Doing this will ensure a feeling of completion and better organisation, and not leave you feeling flustered whilst getting organised.

6- Think About Weight:

Moving house is already a tiring day- and it doesn’t need to turn into a weight-lifting contest too. Doing a few more trips is probably better than straining yourself or causing injury while moving. By doing this, the moving trip will save you a great deal of pain.