Regular PC users always wonder about the different ways to increase the refresh efficiency of your monitor. In addition to this, you can’t improve the working quality of your gameplay without changing its refresh rate.

In addition to this, you must know how to overlock your processor or graphic card. But if you’re wondering about overlocking your monitor 144hz, you’ve chosen the right platform!

So, let’s get started without wasting further time.

Impressive Ways to Overlock Monitor 144hz

Regardless of the variety of ways to overlock your 144hz monitor, you have to choose the appropriate way according to your windows or GPU driver. Thus, some of the best ways to overlock your monitor 144hz are listed as under.

Use Window Display Setting Method

The first method to overlock monitor 144hz is to look for the window display settings. Many efficient monitors are now available with several refresh rate support systems. Thus, you can confirm whether your monitor supports the overlocking mechanism or not. Some steps of this method are given as follows:

  1. Go to the window panel
  2. Click on the “Display settings” from the list
  3. Now adjust the screen resolution to a lower rate
  4. Save the changes that you just made
  5. After this, go to the advanced display settings
  6. Now click on the “Display adapter properties for Display 1.”
  7. Click on the monitor when a new window pops up
  8. Select the option for a high refresh rate from the screen
  9. Now Apply the changes
  10. Your refresh rate is now upgraded
How best to change your display settings in Windows 10 - CNET

Try Out AMD Radeon GPUs

Thinking of increasing the refresh rate of your 144hz monitor but are you an AMD GPU user? Don’t worry; this method will assist you best in improving the refresh rate of computer systems. We have made sure to hold your back in all kinds of monitor variations. Follow the given steps to overlock the monitor in no time.

  1. Go to your desktop window of the PC
  2. Click on the “AMD Radeon Settings” from the list
  3. Go to the Display tab from the list
  4. Now click on the “create” and go to the “customs resolutions’ from the next page
  5. After opening the “customs resolution” page, click on the refresh rate (Hz)
  6. Now increase the refresh rate to your desired levels
  7. Don’t forget to save the changes

Is It Necessary to Overlock Monitor to 144Hz?

Besides increasing the refresh rate of your monitor to 144Hz, overlocking it is also necessary to maintain a steady yet smooth visual representation during use. In such away, you can see a clear picture of your monitor by sharpening your eyes.

Plus, it is necessary to get proper information about the different monitors and their compatibility with overlocking. Several tech websites contain a complete pool of information to guide you about it. 

Other than this, different CPUs also work better when the monitor is overlocked. Thus, there’s no benefit of purchasing a high refresh containing monitor unless you don’t adjust it yourself. The primary reason is that monitors don’t come overlocked out of the market.

Enjoy Speedy Monitor Now!

No need to engage yourself in a fuss! You can adapt the above methods to overlock your monitor to 144Hz to speedy gameplay.