To end your birthday in style, leave memorable memories for your guests by shooting fireworks. The fireworks display is an activity that always works: whether simple and modest or sophisticated, this Silvester Raketen show amazes young and old alike. In this article, find out everything you need to know to organize and succeed in a fireworks display.

Organize a fireworks display: the prerequisites

Can we shoot fireworks anywhere? Are there any regulations? Before investing in fireworks, it is advisable to take some information and verify that it is safe to organize one.

The place and climatic conditions

First of all, you have to make sure that the location where the fireworks will take place is suitable. Your land should be large enough and well cleared. For safety reasons, it will be away from forest and wooded areas and will be lit away from tall, dry grass, bales of straw, and away from inhabited areas and vehicles.
The optimum weather for fireworks shot is a clear night with no wind, no clouds, and no rain. The rain does not prevent the lighting of fireworks, but it is unpleasant for the guests, it is recommended in this case to wait for a clearing before the firing.


Authorizations must be requested in certain cases. If your evening takes place in a private garden (yours or that of a loved one), authorization is not required. However, inform the town hall, the fire brigade, and the police in the event of a complaint from the neighbors. If you have rented a reception hall, first ask the owner’s permission to organize a fireworks display, and then contact the municipality.
If your animation is carried out by pyrotechnic professionals, they are the ones who will make the necessary declarations to the municipality.
Be aware that the municipal services may refuse you if the security conditions are not all met, for example, if the place where the fireworks were fired is too close to the houses or there is a risk of ‘fire.

Who can shoot fireworks?

To organize a fireworks display, you have two options:
1. Shoot it yourself (or have it done by a relative)
2. Call on a specialized company or a professional fireworks technician

Shoot fireworks yourself

Making fireworks yourself is now possible. Clever, easy-to-use suitcases, Silvester Raketen, and fireworks kits are available on the market today, with clear data sheets and intuitive operation. A wide variety of kits is available for sale and you can choose yours according to their duration, its category, and its scintillating material: crackling comets, crowns of stars, glowing palm trees…
The show can last up to 7 minutes. These pre-set fireworks suitcases are designed to provide your guests with a memorable spectacle in your backyard. They consist of automatic systems requiring only one ignition. All the information on the safety distances to be respected is delivered with the kit. Some kits include controls allowing the ignition of the shot from a good distance. This type of device is on sale in specialized shops.
The advantage of the fireworks shot yourself is obviously its cost, more than 3 times cheaper than if it were carried out by a professional.
Be careful not to do anything, however. Be sure to follow the necessary security measures. Accidents are to be deplored every year. They are the work of apprentice pyrotechnicians who are not very careful. Vigilance is therefore essential. Get educated, practice, have someone who knows about it assist you but don’t go blind.

Call in a pyrotechnic professional

If you want to avoid any worries and if your budget allows it, choose a specialized company. A professional pyrotechnician will offer you a fireworks display that can be longer – up to ten minutes – and totally adapted to your wishes. In addition, pyrotechnic companies have professional insurance that will cover you in the event of a problem. Before signing with fireworks professionals, make sure they have a valid fireworks certificate.
The disadvantage of this solution is its high price. The services of specialized companies start at $1,500 minimum for the simplest animation, up to $6,000 and more. The final cost depends on the duration of the show, its composition, the space to be covered. If you shoot fireworks yourself, you can get away for $400.

Alternatives to fireworks

Fireworks are magic. It is touching. It’s one of the nicest ways to end a party. However, due to the potential risks, you may prefer to forgo this show.
You can instead consider a release of flying lanterns or a release of balloons, equally magical animations. 
Be aware that there are nice alternatives to outdoor fireworks, indoor lighting effects:
white smoke on the ground,
– stage jets,
– sparklers,
– cascades of fireworks fixed to the ceiling,
– Silvester Raketen
These are accessories that you can use in your reception room to mark an important moment of the evening (arrival of the cake, the opening of the ball, etc.) and which are sure to create a wow-effect among your guests.
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