On the other hand, organizing a concert of a more or less well-known performer is not an easy task, just a desire to simply organize a concert here is hardly enough.

In the article below.

How to organize a concert and profit from it

If you want to make money and continue to do what you love, then this article is for you. It is about organizing and conducting concerts of musical groups and solo performers.

First of all, of course, you must understand that in this difficult matter you will need the ability to clearly and clearly express your thoughts, listen and hear the interlocutor, navigate the current conversation and make decisions quickly Audio Naa Songs.

If you have all these qualities, then now you can think about the type of the planned event. It can be a festival, a group concert or a solo concert … It is not so important what it will be, the main thing is that when choosing, always be guided by quality, not quantity, and do not forget about originality.

Have you decided what the future concert will look like? Excellent! Now all that remains is to choose groups or individual performers, find a suitable platform, organize an advertising campaign and, most importantly, find money for all this.

Well, okay, now let’s take a closer look at all this. Let’s start with the artists …

1.  In order to attract this or that performer to your concert, you need to interest him with the appropriate fee and organize the required living and technical working conditions. The size of the fee and the severity of the requirements depend primarily on the popularity of the artist or group.

If this is your first event, then it is advisable to opt for performers who are well known in narrow circles and work in styles that are far from “pop” in its standard presentation.

If you are planning to carry out the so-called. “Hodgepodge”, then you can limit yourself to groups that have not yet won popularity among the audience, but are quite talented.

2. It is  necessary to agree on the participation of a performer in your concert with his director or manager.

Inform the manager about the venue, the type of the expected event. Discuss the amount of the fee, conditions, form of payment and other requirements of the artist. Agree on a date. To be on the safe side, try to make an advance payment as early as possible.

3.  When choosing a site, do not rush to the final decision. Select several suitable ones at once. Consider if you can afford to rent them. By the way, if the concert is scheduled for a weekday, you can try to negotiate discounts. This often works, as practice shows.

Consider the location of the sites: it is desirable that they are located near the city center and metro stations. Hire reputed Stage Rental company to handle your event.

4.  Having decided on the venue for the concert, you can proceed to the most important thing – finding sponsors. Think of this process as selling a planned stock.

You can sell indoor advertising space (back and side surfaces of the stage, bar, hall and even toilet cubicles …), the possibility of holding contests, promotions, shopping places, part of the surface of the poster, flyers or tickets, space in audio and video advertising, participation in press conferences.

You need to prepare carefully and scrupulously for a conversation with your potential sponsor. Write a short but clear sales proposal that will make the reader want to know all the details and details of the planned event. This offer can be sent by e-mail or, better, handed over personally to a company representative.

In this case, it is advisable to focus on employees in leadership positions. If your short proposal has aroused interest, you need to waste no time submitting a detailed commercial proposal for consideration to the company, which will describe in detail the composition of the concert participants, and provide arguments as to why these performers and groups will ensure the success of the event.

5.  In addition to a detailed commercial offer, you will also need a minute-by-minute script of the planned action, a detailed plan of the advertising campaign indicating the exact number, format and type of posters, the number of flyers, the place and time of their distribution, the list of attracted radio stations, TV channels and print media, time, quantity and the timing of advertising in them.

6.  Do not forget to provide the potential sponsor with the price list of the concert and the sponsor’s package. Depending on the type of sponsorship, the latter can be a general sponsor’s package, which gets the most advantageous place on the internal advertising surface and the right to present the event; sponsor’s package; an information sponsor package that provides advertising in the media; a technical sponsor package that can help with overhead costs.

7.  Did you manage to convince the sponsor and you signed a cooperation agreement? Now is the time for the advertising campaign. First of all, this is the development of the poster layout.

Make sure that the poster matches the status of the planned concert. If you hire an unfamiliar designer, familiarize him with a detailed draft or a sample downloaded from the Internet, for example. Posters are usually posted in pedestrian areas, hangouts, billboards and public transport.

8.  Flyers are the oldest but still effective way to attract the public. When using flyers, proper distribution is essential.

It will be optimal to lay it out every 2-3 days in the premises of youth or music stores, universities, schools and transfer directly from hand to hand in various populous areas of the city.

9.  A press conference should be held about 10 days before the event. It is advisable for journalists to organize a buffet table at the expense of a technical sponsor, distribute invitations to the concert and promotional materials for writing articles.

10.  When choosing sound and light equipment, find out which company has been setting them up recently specifically on this site, what was the quality of their work. Consider the wishes and requirements of the artists themselves regarding this issue.

11.  Take care of organizing the security of the concert, because you will be dealing with a large number of people. In this case, it is more expedient to give preference to private security companies.

12.  On the day of the concert, try to meet the artists yourself, and their food, bringing them to the press conference and the venue itself can already be entrusted to assistants. In the meantime, you will engage in a thorough inspection of the site with a representative of the hosts. The inspection results are recorded in a special act.13.  After the end of the concert, do not forget to make all the necessary payments and thank all the people you need. Don’t discouraged if the first time the profit you make doesn’t seem too big. The main thing the experience gained, which can successfully applied in the future and earn completely different money.