To naturally illuminate rooms in any house or workspace, you need window designs and treatments that can contribute accordingly. Also, illuminating with natural daylight comes with many added benefits and advantages. So, how to do this exactly? Well, the simple solution is to use window treatments that let in daylight as much as possible.

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However, this is easy said than done of course. You need to worry about many other factors including privacy for rooms as well. Some homes and offices will also need temperature insulation with window treatments too. When looking to naturally illuminate rooms while maintaining privacy, you need to find solutions that work for both. 

Here are some window treatment ideas that might be just perfect:

Light Filtering Blinds for Sun Facing Rooms

Got sun facing rooms at home or at the workplace? We understand how blinding bright daylight can be. Especially when looking at screens, you need controlled amount of light. To do that, daylight filtering blinds suit perfectly. These are made for specialized perforated materials.

The actually materials help block excess sunlight. While, tiny perforations only allow controlled amount of daylight. These do help naturally illuminating rooms while maintaining good privacy levels as well. Different colors and finishes are also available for custom interiors.

Rooms that face the sun can get control over all that glare with light filtering blinds. Ideally, you’d want to use black blinds for this. There is no light reflected off their dark surfaces and you can match black with any specific interior themes too. 

Double Up Your Window Coverings

Another very efficient way for naturally illuminating rooms is to double up on window coverings. Curtains and shades can work together to offer both features. Ideally, you’d want thin layered shades to be the first layer and then thick large drapes to be the top one.

What this setting will do is that it will allow you to more the drapes aside during the day. With daylight coming from the outside, you will not get privacy broken at all but will all the natural illumination. When the sun goes down, you can easily bring those drapes or curtains on top for full privacy.

Doubling up on windows might have some cost considerations at the start. But, in the long run, these play out very well and become to be some of the most durable options. Also, you get to choose two different colors in order to match with your interior settings.

Installing Metal or Wood Venetians

Another great option for many domestic or commercial windows is to use metal or wood venetians. Wooden window blinds can make a truly great impression in any interiors. These are made from real woods that are polished to provide exquisite look and feel.

On the other hand, you have metal venetians that are probably the most durable and easiest to maintain too. These have horizontal aluminum strips that are arranged in a way that their angles can be shifted. These slats can be moved up and down fully to reveal complete window panes too.

During the day, you can have both wooden and metal venetians covering the windows. When you need controlled daylight, shifting the angles of their slats works great too. These allow you to naturally illuminate rooms without blocking all of daylight at any time.

Thinner Materials with Roman or Roller Shades

Roman shades and roller window blinds are also some of the better window covering options. These allow to naturally illuminate rooms while boost privacy at the same time. What you have to do is to get these in lighter thinner material finishes in order for daylight to pass through.

Roman shades are made from fabric materials allowing for any colors and finished designs. Roller blinds on the other hand are made from quality composite materials. Both of these allow for any printed designs that can be perfectly matched with any interior settings.

When looking to naturally illuminate rooms and also get privacy at the same time, these will provide great options. Their thinner materials will let daylight pass through eliminating any glare as well. Also, you will get privacy as not much view of the insides will be revealed at any time too.

Why Natural Room Illumination?

So, why exactly do you want to naturally illuminate rooms at all? In addition to making things look bright and vivid, this has a lot many other benefits at the same time.

These include:

  • Energy efficient interiors and rooms where lot less artificial lighting will be needed. During the bright hours, you can depend on daylight to naturally illuminate rooms.
  • Unique perspective of windows making a great aesthetic impression. When daylight passes through blinds or shades, it provides a great impression for everyone on the inside.
  • Sunlight plays a vital role in triggering our brains to get freshened up. Our brains are tuned in a way to understand natural daylight and really wake up.
  • Naturally illuminating rooms just looks very much on point. Not many artificial lights can match the perfect intensity and temperature of natural daylight.


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