While you’re conducting your mundane documentation work, margining the PDF is something that you face now and then. 

It can be needed for multiple reasons like combining the details, providing comprehensive details, sodapdf and creating an all-inclusive information profile. 

Regardless of the reasons that are forcing you to merge a PDF file, this job has no space for errors, loss of information, and compromising document security. Hence, merging PDF should be done with full diligence. 

In this article, we’re going to tell you about one a high-end tool that will help you enjoy all these facilities in the simplest manner. 

CocoDoc – An Ideal Way to Merge PDF Files with Zero Hassles 

CocoDoc website, a globally acclaimed online PDF editor tool, is what we were referring to at the beginning of this post. By combining the best-of-breed AI and easiest interface, this tool has made the merging of PDF an effortless job. 

By the time this article reaches you, millions of people must have already tried PDF merge and splitting.

Its performance is so impressive that many leading online media outlets like iLounge, Forbes, The New York Times, CNET, and many more have suggested it to their readers without any qualms. They have backed CocoDoc a couple of times. 

Here are some of the key traits of CocoDoc that make it stand out from the crowd:

  • High-end security 

CocoDoc makes the PDF utterly secure and safe to share online. The website uses 256-Bit encryption which is the highest of all. 

Also, it allows you to add a password to each PDF and gain full control over access to the PDF files. It prevents unwanted access to crucial PDFs. Therefore, it is better to use a free pdf editor like CocoFinder than going for another risky option.

  • Free templates 

With CocoDoc, you get a wide range of free templates. With these PDF templates, creating PDF forms or files has become easier than ever. These templates are highly editable. All kinds of details can be added as per the need of the hour. 

  • Instant assistance 

CocoDoc comes with zero setups and installation. It is a browser-based solution and works wonderfully using any browser and device. It saves a huge deal of time and leverages productivity. The team can start margining the PDFs without any hassles. 

A bunch of nifty features 

CocoDoc is winning more and more hearts because of its array of features and facilities. It’s not like those run-of-the-mill online PDF merge tools which assist in only one job. It’s famed to deliver the best value of invested money. Here is a list of its key features and facilities. 

  • Converting and merging 

With CocoDoc, it is easy to convert the PDF file to any other format like Excel, Word, and JPG over a single click. Merging multiple PDF files is also easily achievable. 

  • Editing of all kinds 

 When it comes to PDF editing, there is hardly anything that CocoDoc can’t do. It will let you add or delete a number of pages, add text & images, adding watermark & timestamps, and rotating the PDF. With such extensive editing, it allows the end-user to make most of the PDF document. 

  • E-sign with full perfection 

PDFs, which are signed, are more preferred for business purposes and adhering to legal compliances. With CocoDoc, signing a PDF is as easy as clapping. You can create real-life professional-looking e-signatures. You can also place these signatures in the desired place. 

  • Effective PDF management and sharing 

CocoDoc lets you save your files on a cloud storage space. From here, end-users can access the desired document without any hassles. With automated file sharing and distribution features, it is going to make PDF management easier than ever. 

There is a social media integration facility as well. This integration allows you to share the targeted PDF on multiple platforms instantly. No other tool and expertise are needed for file sharing. 

How to Use CocoDoc for Merging the PDF?

Whether you’re a first-timer or have already merged hundreds of documents, CocoDoc will help you with the same ease. Its process is as easy as clapping. 

All you need is a data-driven device, a compatible browser, and an active internet connection. Once you have access to all these things, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Visit CocoDoc’s PDF Combiner page and upload the desired file. It can directly fetch the file from Google Drive, One Drive, Cloud Storage, and URL. 
  2. Click on the ‘Merge PDF’ option and wait for a second as CocoDoc does the job. You will have a ‘Preview’ facility. If any changes are needed, you can make adjustments accordingly.
  3. The PDF merger is complete. Download or save the file for future use. 

Have you ever thought that a PDF merger would be that easy? We bet you didn’t. In fact, no one ever imagined this before. But, CocoDoc has made this possible.

What about the Expenses?

It is obvious to get curious about the expenses of such high-end and comprehensive service. If you’re thinking that you need to spend a lot of money to enjoy what CocoDoc offers, then stop thinking. 

CocoDoc doesn’t rip off your savings or budget to offer its service. On the contrary, it is the most affordable option in the market. For the first 14 days, you can enjoy its full-fledged services without paying a single penny. Yes, you have read it right. 

Its free trial lasts for 14 days. When the free trial is over, you can purchase the subscription as per the need. For a basic plan, one has to pay only $9/month. 

The premium and business plans of CocoDoc are also very cost-effective. They can be availed at a mere cost of $12/month and $15/month.

Ending Notes

CocoDoc is here to eliminate all the hassles and hurdles that one might face for merging the PDFs. By keeping its interface as simple as possible, this online PDF merging tool is here to help everyone. 

With its ultra-advanced features and facilities, one will be able to enjoy the best return on investment. So, don’t wait anymore. Give it a try and unfold the whole new world of PDF margining and management.