When it comes time to replace your kitchen sink, you want to make sure that you measure it correctly. After all, a sink that is too small or too big won’t fit properly and may cause problems down the road. Fortunately, measuring your kitchen sink doesn’t have to be difficult. Here’s a quick guide on how to measure your kitchen sink for a perfect fit.

Measure the Lip of the Sink

The lip of the sink is what sits on top of the countertop and provides support for dishes, glasses, and other items placed in it. To measure this area accurately, you will need to measure from left side of the lip to the right side. Be sure to include any additional material such as an apron or additional edges on either side of the lip. Once you have this measurement, write it down so that you can compare different sinks when shopping for a replacement.

Measure the Interior Length and Width

Now that you have measured the lip of your existing kitchen sink, you need to measure its interior length and width as well. Start by measuring from one end of the basin (the bottom part) all the way across to the opposite end. Then measure from front to back in two places— once at each end of the basin—to get an accurate measurement for both length and width. Again, write these measurements down so that you can compare them with different models when shopping for a new sink.

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Measure Depth and Other Important Features 

Finally, take some time to note any other important features your current kitchen sink has such as depth or special drainage systems like garbage disposals or air gap drains. Knowing these details can help ensure that whatever new sink you purchase will fit perfectly in your existing countertop space without any modifications needed.


Taking accurate measurements before purchasing a new kitchen sink is essential if you want your replacement model to fit perfectly in your existing countertop space with no issues or modifications required! Follow this quick guide next time you need to replace your kitchen sink and find out how easy measuring it can be! With just a few simple steps, you will be ready in no time with all of the information needed for success!