How to measure bedroom curtains is something every homeowner has to do sooner or later. This is a task for curtains in Dubai that needs to be carried out with precision and with the utmost care.

You are dealing with wood or vinyl

When measuring your curtains, there are a few things you should keep in mind. You will need to know whether you are dealing with wood or plastic. You will also need to know whether the curtains are drapes or curtains.

 Again, check the quality of the mohair you purchase as the class will play an essential role in determining how much thickness the curtains will need.

 If you’re using curtains for a bedroom room or dining room, then it would be best to use vinyl. Lightweight, flexible, and made from durable materials that can take a lot of abuse, cotton or cotton/poly blends are also considered superior to other stuff because of their durability. While the strength of the curtains will generally be less, you will still need to make sure the

Know about metal and fabric

One of the best places to find out what you are dealing with is the manufacturer’s label on the bedroom curtains in Dubai. It will tell you the material of the material as well as the thickness of the fabric. Remember that the heat is the most easily able to form flammable gases, and it is the gases trapped in the spaces between the different materials that will cause the most considerable alarm when exposed. 

To avoid this, you can try moving the curtains closer to the fireplace or ideally spend the time before going to bed, putting the curtains in a beautiful dark place away from the heater, if you are able. Then again, for high security, you might want to go as far as leaving them in the bedroom, and room temperature will be warm enough to make these objects too hot for you.

Sample of the bed linen

If the label does not have a type, then you should go for an example of the bed linen you are considering buying. This can easily be found at a major retailer, or you could search for it online.

You need to know how big and long the bed is

The sample would probably include several sheets, the duvet, comforter, and pillowcases. You would need to know the width and length of the bed.

Sure to get an accurate measurement

When deciding how to measure bedroom curtains, it would be wise to measure the entire bed linen, including the edges and corners. This way, you can be sure to get an accurate measurement of the curtains you are considering.

Very precise in your measurements

How to measure bedroom curtains is very easy to do, but you will need to be very precise in your sizes. The length of the room you are measuring should be more than double the width if you want to ensure a snug fit.

Cut down the size of the curtain panels

If you buy a huge size bed, then you may find yourself having to cut down the size of the curtain panels by about an inch to make them fit. If you try to fit too many curtains into a small space, they will come unglued and fall off your wall.

Of course, the essential part of measuring is to ensure you get the curtains you think you are buying. You cannot assume anything when buying curtains.

Have a professional look at the fabrics 

The best channel to deal with this is to have a professional look at the materials. They will be able to tell you what kind of material you need to use to ensure that your curtains do not fray or fall apart in the long run.

Know the size of your windows

You also need to get the measurements of the blinds you are using. Once you know the size of your windows, you can then decide whether you want to choose windows that are mirrored or even curtains with frames.


Once you know how to measure bedroom curtains, you will know which curtains to buy. This is so important when buying curtains, especially bedroom curtains.