Whether you’re struggling to get your first thousand followers and quite near to 5-figure following, we always want to maximize the pace of your getting followers or Instagram success. It is true that nobody wants to wait for the months. Therefore you came here to explore those ways that can help you to maximize your growth rate. 

Some of the below-mentioned ways might sound basic and very familiar but mastering these basics techniques can take your Instagram game to next level. 

Let’s straight get into those tricks. 

Optimize your Bio

Instagram bio is probably the very first thing that a visitor came across while visiting your Insta profile. This can either make a good impression or prompt the visitor to bounce back. 

Other than that, optimizing your bio is also necessary for some other aspects. For instance, it can act as a potential source of traffic for your blog or e-commerce website. By creating this bridge between Instagram and your website, you can multiple sales or generate more leads for your business. 

Buying Instagram Followers from any reputed vendor

Many of us have used such services before, while others are still doubtful whether they should go for it or not. With our years of experience in Instagram, we would advise you to be careful. 

When you buy real Instagram Followers Canada it is not dangerous at all unless you’ve made the right choice for the vendors. But, this is where many users end up choosing an insecure seller who is selling bots at the price of original followers. You should do some prior research and find a trusted seller, then there would be nothing to worry for. 

Find your best time to post on Instagram

This is what, everybody should be aware of who are struggling to get more people on your content. 

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Let’s have a look at an example, that what are the specific time when you’re mostly online at Instagram. All you need is to find such a particular time period when most of your target audience are using Instagram. Once you learn the concept of peak times then you would definitely get more reach and more engagement. 

Post consistently

One of the basic and yet most important things to remember is to be consistent. Being consistent doesn’t only relate to posting, as it also matters how much you are actually interacting with your followers. 

Posting consistently and having good engagement also signals the Instagram algorithm to favours your posts. Which in result can get you comparatively better reach. 

Experiment with different content types

Instagram and any other social media channels are always evolving so a technique that is true for today, might be ineffective in the coming year. So the only those who keep on updating their strategies will remain at the top. 

You can experiment with different content ideas, types and formats at your account. But, here one thing is important, you should not take a sharp turn and move your content type in a completely new direction. As it can lead to a sudden decrease in your engagement ratio. 

Write great captions

Great captions can win you the clients, generate more leads and do some other surprises. But moving forward, we have to make this thing clear, that great captions might not be the perfect technique for every niche. 

If you think, this can be the right strategy then you must give it a try. You can take the example of NatGeo, having 172m followers. Great captions and amazing writing skills is a major reason why visitors are always glued to their content. You can also take motivation from their Instagram handle, and build interest of the audience in your content. 

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Research and use hashtags

Many techniques came and fade away but one technique that has been consistent over the past several years is a hashtags strategy. The right strategy should be an important part of your Instagram marketing strategy. You might have seen or used many hashtags but in the end, it doesn’t make any noticeable difference. 

Most likely, it is due to the reason that you’re not using them right. Firstly, you should know that using too many hashtags will not do anything, rather it can result in spamming. 6-10 hashtags are the ideal number for your content. 

Now, there are many newbies who don’t know how to find suitable hashtags. This is where most of us commit the mistake and go for keywords with massive usage. Due to such popularity, the competition gets even more difficult. And leaving not any chance for the newcomers to rank any of such hashtags. But we advise you to work smartly and find some low-competition keywords with decent volume. 


Here in this article, we have shared all those techniques that we have used over the past few years and driving amazing results. But we know, few of us want instant results, which might not be possible. But, buying Instagram followers from Superviral is the only way that can help you to achieve something big in a very short time period.

Let us know in the comment section, which one of these techniques, you are going to employ. 


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