Are you running a logistic company or a delivery kind of company? Do you want to know where the driver is or wanted to know the estimated time of arrival etc? Here is all you need to know about the fleet management system. There are some fleet management solutions companies that provide fleet management software and one such kind is our VAMO system Pvt. limited. The below article will help you to know more about How to manage your fleets Using Only Fleet Management Software?

Know about what is Fleet management?

Managing the group of commercial vehicles is known to be a Fleet management. This fleet management handles the maintenance of the vehicle, Driver Tracking, navigation, finance etc. behind every successful company there is a fleet management system. 

How does the Fleet Management System help?

The Fleet Management System will be helpful in different ways such as it tracks the driver, indicating when the fuel is low,  it gives the updates and insights, using the FMS one can plan the fastest route, it satisfies the customer etc. have a brief about each factor from below.  

Tracks the driver 

It is always important to know where the driver is and when the driver arrives. Apart from these locations and arrival time, the fleet management software will help to track the drivers behaviour, that prevents road accidents by monitoring the rash driving, or the hard breakings etc. 

Low Fuels 

The Fleet management System that contains Fuel Tracking System will help to notify about the fuel theft or indicate when there is less fuels. This helps the owners to solve the problem easily.

Updates and insights

Using the Truck GPS Tracker the manager cann able to know where the Truck or the vehicle is. This also helps to know the status of the vehicle as already said,  a person, can able to know the arrival time, and the current location of the vehicle. 

The route planning 

Using the Vehicle Tracking System one will be able to know through which route the driver is driving. The managers can change the route if they feel it is not safe or a long route. They get more resources in order to run for a long term. 

Satisfaction of the customer

Some GPS Supplier Company will be providing the best fleet management solutions that satisfies the customers can also able know the estimated arrival time of the travel or the things which are to be delivered.

Maintenance of the vehicle

The fleet management system will help to improve the vehicle’s maintenance. The namagers can choose to install a Temperature Monitoring System, in order to control the temperature of the product in some particular environment, thus, can maintain the vehicle. As fleet management software will be managing various factors such as engine’s running time, number of kilometres travelled, usage of the fuel, vehicle’s downtime due to breakdowns, number of times towed, and other emergency repairs etc. it helps to maintain in some various parts.

Who uses the Fleet Management System?

During these days the work vehicles have been increased. It is used in each and every industry such as for repair and services industries, oil and gas delivery , Utilities, Logistics service provider, retail Firms, E-Commerce,manufacturers, distributors and any emergency services. Any company does not have their own Fleet management then they can Outsource any fleet management solutions.

What is the importance of fleet management software ?

The fleet management software will help the drivers to get the jobs done. It helps to know whether the drivers are driving safely along with the company’s and government’s rules and regulations. The person who manages the fleet management system needs to be more responsible as it helps to have more profit. The managers must be more careful as they have to be interactive, and must  

Able to calculate the most efficient routes for the customers.

How does the Fleet management system work?

The Fleet Management System basically works with various components such as Software, Telematics, Maintenance Planning, Parts Management and the warranty tracking, and the Security System. The given below is a brief about how the fleet management works. 


The fleet management will also the telematics where it is combined with the GPS navigation along with the non-board diagnostic sensors. fleet management solutions. Some of the telematics systems will be providing advanced insights such as braking and the turn metrics etc. 


The software is one of the most important parts during the process of fleet management. More number of solutions  that are available  can be managed through the clouds. Using the fleet Management to create and share some reports, easily communicate with the drivers, and in  creating the schedules for the shipping. 

The Security systems

While installing the Fleet management one is able to be alert while there is some fuel theft, or else if in any case when someone steals the vehicle , one is able to track it easily using the Truck Tracking System, or Vehicle Tracking System. 

The maintenance planning

In order to run smoothly and not have any problems it is always important to maintain the vehicle. By maintaining the vehicle , one can get more profits for their company by filling the fuel on time, checking the breaks etc. The drivers will also get a notification reminding about the vehicle renewals, Accidents 

Parts Management and the warranty tracking

The Fleet management system will help to track the warranties and one is able to maintain the vehicle parts. In simple words this FMS will help to have a detailed report about the stocks as well as the total value of the inventory. The software [pii_email_37f47c404649338129d6] will help to know about the complete list of the vehicle parts, details,details of the purchase order etc. 

Thus, the fleet management System will be helping you to improve productivity as well as cut down the expenditure. Among the competitive world, saving time is one of the most important things, and thus having the Fleet Management System will be helping to save time.