To have a practical construction project completed, there must be a strict life cycle process for the construction project. This is where construction management comes into play.

Hiring a construction management agency will positively impact the life cycle of any construction project.

What Is a Construction Management? – Understanding The Construction Phases

Construction management is the process in which a construction manager oversees the life cycle of a construction project.

This process includes planning, budgeting, coordinating, executing, reviewing, and finalizing the whole process.

The construction manager, builders, contractors, and other professionals are involved in the construction project.

Ultimately their whole job is to ensure

How to Manage Your Construction Projects In The Age of Life Cycle

What Is Construction Management

Construction management is the process of managing a construction project.

Construction management can be divided into five main categories: Project Initiation, Project Planning, Project Execution and Launch, Project Performance, and Project Close.

The 5 Stages Of A Construction Projects

1 – Project Initiation and Conception

This is the initial stage of construction projects. The owner and contractor agree with this stage’s overall goal and objective.

In addition, both parties will also go over the sequence of steps involved in achieving these goals.

Once an agreement has been established, both parties must complete the necessary documents, and then they can proceed.

2 – Project Planning and Definition

This step presents talks of the design, development, testing, and delivery phases.

The project planners will consider as many factors as possible, including the life cycle for each step that will be taken.

3 – Project Execution and Launch

In this phase/step, the project finally begins. The project construction manager will be responsible for keeping track of each step; the budget also plays a significant role.

4 – Project Performance

In this phase, the construction management project does its best to minimize the budget as much as possible.

Project performance budgeting aims to ensure that the overall project goals are met while minimizing the associated costs.

By understanding the key factors that affect project cost, construction managers can better prioritize tasks and ensure an efficient delivery schedule.

5 – Project Close

This is the final phase; construction management can be expected to wrap everything up.

Closing Procedures

Construction cycle management is an integral part of construction projects. By understanding the life cycle of a construction project and managing it properly, you can avoid problems and have a successful project.