You may feel, on occasion, a tiny slither of envy when you visit a family member or friend’s own house and see their sprawling and beautifully decorated garden and backyard, having a considerably smaller space at home. 

However, you need to rewire your thinking when it comes to only seeing the negative aspects of a smaller garden and instead transform your attitude and, indeed, the physical layout and appearance of your garden itself to fall back in love. 

So here, in an effort to help you do just that, is how to make your small garden aesthetically attractive without the luxury of space.

Wall Art

Want the benefit of greenery on your walls but without the added maintenance that it might bring? You might decide to go for an artificial alternative instead. Retailers like Grass Warehouse offer green wall panels that give an authentic finish without the need for upkeep, or you might even decide to get creative with some durable, decorative artificial grass to give your garden walls additional texture and personality.

Even the smallest of gardens and ones that are sandwiched between two other small gardens will have a natural or artificial perimeter, either in the form of a fence or wall.

This space, rather than simply reminding you of the small area you have to work with, should instead be utilized to the absolute maximum, and one fabulous way to do this is the addition of wall art. Choose a sustainable and reclaimed piece of wall art, such as decorative trellis pieces or artistic fencing from specialist brands like eComposite Products to add both style and sustainability to your small garden.

Share Your Garden!

Even if you live alone, one of the most rewarding ways to make your garden feel like a true sanctuary and to encourage you to get outdoors and enjoy the fruits of your green-fingered labors is to share your garden.

Not only does this mean taking beautiful snaps to upload to Instagram for encouraging words of admiration, but also to encourage all sorts of different types of wildlife into the space. Feeding stations, bird houses and boxes, and roosting pouches will all serve to bring your garden to life, as well as the following plants, which attract the right kind of insects:

  • Yarrow Flowers
  • Black-Eyed Susan
  • Milkweed
  • Yellow Giant Hyssop
  • Oxeye Daisies

The most beneficial of bugs and insects you should welcome with open arms into your garden include tachinid flies, butterflies, bees, lady beetles, and green lacewings. 

Diagonal Paving 

Tricking the eye and creating an illusion of space is always a tricky task in an outdoor space as, unlike inside your property, the landscape is ever-changing.

However, whether or not you currently have paving slabs laid down in your backyard or not, you should consider diagonal paving work instead. Lay your slabs so that they are situated in a diamond shape as you stand at your back door, and you will be surprised at how much extra space this illusion will give you.

Create Impact with Your Flowers

Finally, flowers are, naturally, one of the most attractive elements of any garden of any size, and as such, in a smaller garden, the more flowers you add, the more depth and texture you will create in the space.

Additionally, choose larger plant pots to root your flowering plants into, which will have the dual effect of creating a focal point in the garden and also helping conserve water by preventing your plants from drying out in hot weather.