It will look cluttered and unwelcoming if your kitchen doesn’t have suitable storage alternatives. If it has the proper features, it will be a nice venue for quick meal preparation, more incredible organization, and a lovely place to spend time with friends and family. Also, most people, especially those who love trying out new recipes, spend most of their time in a kitchen, which means it should be a welcoming space. Luckily, we have a few ideas to maximize your kitchen’s storage capacity.

Invest in Cabinets


Cupboards and shelves are now considered outdated. The newest trend is OPPOLIA kitchens, which are precisely prefabricated and available in various styles and colors. For all of your kitchenware and appliances, kitchen cabinets have designated spaces. They can be tailored to meet your kitchen’s plan and are unquestionably less expensive than starting from scratch to build a kitchen.

Kitchens take up a room with various appliances, supplies, and accessories required for cooking. For instance, portable appliances occupy valuable countertop space that could be used for food preparation. Therefore, cabinets should be used wherever possible to store pans, extra dishes, cutting boards, and even portable appliances. 

Utilize Kitchen Drawers


Drawers improve the use of your space. They are the best option for storing kitchen items and accessories. Many materials and designs are available for kitchen drawers, giving homeowners a wide range of possibilities. Drawers also allow you to organize your kitchen how you want for the clean freaks among you. Also, they will store most of your utensils, maximizing storage for other kitchen items. 

Add Open Shelving


One of the popular trends in kitchen storage solutions is open shelving. However, open-shelving kitchen storage ideas work best with items like glasses, cups, cutlery, bowls, and culinary implements in holders that you are sure to use daily. The concern over the exposed things accumulating dust will be eliminated because these items will be utilized daily and will also be washed frequently.

Shelves won’t interfere with tasks because they are not as deep as cabinets. Anywhere a cabinet would be inappropriate, open shelves can be used instead. Yet another reminder that it’s crucial to keep these spaces organized to prevent them from detracting from the room’s overall appearance.

Use Counter Space


Small gadgets like coffee makers, toasters, blenders, etc., should be placed on the counter. Use the counter to make the most of the space in a tiny kitchen if cabinet space is an issue. The counter will have more room for other objects if little daily appliances are placed there. It should be noted that choosing stylish, simple, and easy-to-clean gadgets will help keep the kitchen from looking cluttered.

Skinny Shelves and Cupboards


With narrow shelves and cupboards, you can make the most of the spaces in your kitchen. You can store anything from spices to dishware in an accessible location with this perfect solution for fitting in corners or on short walls. Additionally, your kitchen will always seem neat since the space won’t be cluttered with the small stuff.

Consider installing narrow cabinets with pull-out shelves to create space in the kitchen corners for your cooking necessities. Smaller things like mugs and glasses are perfect for storing on skinny shelves. They can be positioned neatly between a worktop and wall-mounted cupboards or in other underused spaces like the area under the sink.

Grouping Similar Items


Another essential tip for kitchen storage organization is to group comparable items according to size and type. To further organize the cutlery, separate compartments for forks, spoons, knives, and teaspoons will be made inside the drawer. Group serving bowls of steel and glass together if you use both types. 

Additionally, grouping goods makes it easier to nest them according to size, which is especially helpful for compact kitchen storage solutions. Therefore, you can stack matching mixing bowls, pots, and pans according to size. The lids of storage containers should also be stacked vertically to maximize capacity. These kitchen cabinet storage solutions will undoubtedly reduce clutter.


Not everyone has ideas to use their kitchen spaces well, especially with a small kitchen. Most small kitchens feel congested if you don’t use your storage space properly, and you will end up causing accidents in your kitchen. You can start organizing your space by bringing in cabinets and drawers or utilizing open shelving. 

Also, you can use your kitchen counter to place items like blenders and microwaves. Grouping similar items will also help in maximizing storage space. Try out the tips above and enjoy kitchen activities.