The loft is an unearthed treasure in many homes. Many of us don’t make use of even half of the available space up there – and those of us that do could push things a little bit farther. If you’re planning, or you’ve already implemented, a full-on loft-conversion, then there are myriad ways through which you can get that little bit more from the space. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

Built-in Storage

One of the more awkward characteristics of a loft is that the walls will be sloped. This makes shelving units and wardrobes that little bit more awkward. Go for an off-the-shelf unit, and you’ll be sacrificing valuable space at the top. Go for something bespoke, on the other hand, and you’ll be able to get the maximum from every available inch.

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Bring in the Right Rugs

If you’ve got a larger loft with two distinct areas in it (perhaps a home office and a gym), then you might visually separate the two with the help of some area rugs. Look for something that’s large enough to encompass your tables and chairs – that way, you won’t risk coming over the edge when you pull a chair out from under the table.

Use Room Dividers

If you want to be able to temporarily break up the space, perhaps so that two people can occupy themselves with two separate tasks without distracting one another, then a room divider is an affordable and attractive means of doing so. It can be as simple as an opaque screen on wheels, and it’ll let you focus on your work, even if your other half is midway through a yoga routine just a few feet away.

Vary the lighting

In a loft space, it’s easier than ever top put in lights at different heights. Thread cabling behind and through shelving units, and use pendant lights over communal areas and workspaces. If your budget allows, you might go for some smart-bulbs. Equally, you might look at ring lights around the back of computer monitors, or fairy lights draped around the backs of sofas.

Let in some Natural Light

If you’ve got the budget for them, then the right skylights will completely transform your loft space. There’s no substitute for natural light Skylight cleaning is an important maintenance step you shouldn’t miss, as Clear-Vue Skylights explains .If you’re working up in the loft for hours every day, then you’ll be grateful of the feelgood effect of the sun. But perhaps just as importantly, you’ll be able to save considerably on your energy bills.