Are you looking for a different gift? One of the best gift ideas is baskets that combine different details. If you want yours to be 100% personalized, we suggest the best proposals for original gift baskets in this post. A surprise with which you will always be right! Furthermore, we highlighted where you could get ready-made gift baskets in Toronto for every occasion.

Gift basket ideas for specific events or occasions

Movie night basket

This gift basket idea is great for surprising your partner with a special night. It is about composing a basket with everything essential to enjoy to the fullest without leaving home. The star of the surprise will be the movie you choose, be it one of your favorites or the one you saw at the cinema on your first date. 

Accompany it with popcorn, chocolate bars, trinkets, candies, and all the whims you fancy; the more, the better. Finally, put everything in a container. It can be a box decorated with a cardboard clapperboard, like the image below this text, or one of these special plastic buckets for popcorn. The most cinephile gift basket!

Basket for stoves

Do you have friends or family members who are real cooks? Instead of giving them the typical apron, create a special gift basket for them! For sweet lovers, you can use a cake pan as a container and add the ingredients to make the cake: flour, yeast, chocolate, sugar, and pastry tools. 

If the person you want to surprise is more of savory dishes, how about a basket for cooking pasta? You can add gourmet items, imported products, and the best Italian sauces.

Breakfast basket with flowers

Another of the most successful gift baskets for any occasion are breakfast basket. Who does not like to receive this surprise to start the day? Choose a basket with a rustic design, such as wicker or wood, and fill it with the favorite products of that special person. 

According to your tastes, you can create an organic breakfast with soy milk, muesli, and honey; a homemade one with cake, muffins, or cookies made by you; or a breakfast with chocolate as the protagonist. Let your imagination run wild, but yes, don’t forget the fresh flowers!

Basket for a girls’ night

Is it the birthday of one of your friends? Or one of them may need a little lift from her spirits. Nothing more effective than a gift basket with all her favorite things to make her forget her problems for a while. You can compose it with everything you know she loves, from chocolates and candies to good wine. For a great girls’ night out, don’t forget the magazines, movies, face masks, and nail polishes to give your manicures. The best of gifts for friends!

Tea or coffee basket

A large glass bottle in the mason jar style is perfect for designing a basket of infusions. They can be teas, soluble coffees, dried flowers for infusions, or whatever the recipient likes best. Also, an infuser, honey or sugar, and some tea cookies are good options. Choose a vintage-style mason jar with which you can later decorate your home, for example, as a vase for bouquets or as a terrarium for succulents. If you tie the jar to a cup with a pretty ribbon, the gift will be complete!

Basket for the home

A pack of items for the home is also a great idea to create a most original gift basket. A basket to stay warm at home may be the best option when winter comes. A blanket for the sofa, some slippers, a small rug, some wool socks, and everything you can think of! You can also create a basket for the home with decorative objects such as an art print, a set of plates and glasses, a decorative vase, etc.; the possibilities are endless!

Spa basket

With this creative basket, you will give relaxing moments to your best friends. A zinc bucket or a hexagonal-shaped wooden box is a very striking container. You can fill them with the essentials to enjoy a spa at home. You cannot miss the candles to create a calm atmosphere, the soaps, gels, and creams, nor the salt pump, so they can take a well-deserved hot water bath. If you add a small towel and some bathroom slippers, your basket will be the ideal gift.

Christmas or Anniversary Gift basket

All of the above baskets can also be the perfect gift for this Christmas. But if you don’t have time to create a personalized gift basket, don’t worry! At Vyno, we have everything you can imagine, from gourmet baskets with exquisite delicatessen, several wine and cheese gift baskets, chocolate baskets full of chocolates, and, of course, complete Christmas packages. Nougats, almonds, cava, wines, cheeses, sausages, dom perignon, and much more are waiting for you on our website. Discover them!


Have we inspired you to choose multiple options of gifts available in the most original gift baskets? If you need help getting a perfect combination of gift baskets in Toronto without stress, our website is filled with options you can choose from for the season and event.