When it comes to reading Tarot cards, most people will use the cards to find answers to difficult questions. Each spread, including free yes or no Tarot, can tell a story and give a detailed and comprehensive information about different speres of people’s lives. Even when you use tarot cards to get a general idea of the past, present, or future, you will find that the answers are rarely simple or straightforward. In this article, we’ll find out how to do free yes or no Tarot readings.

What is yes or no Tarot reading?

Yes no tarot spread refers to the simplest divination options. This layout is suitable for any area of your life. Thereby, people can get information about their destini in love, job, finances, etc. For reading yes or no Tarot cards, you need to interpret only 1 card. Shuffle the deck and lay it out on the table, then choose one card. You can make a spread both on the whole deck, and only on the Minor or Major arcana – choose the option that you are more used to or, on the contrary, you want to master.

Tarot cards yes or no for relationships is a good way to get accurate information about the feelings of a partner. The key point is to ask a direct question. You can get a yes or no answer with Tarot at any time and even anywhere if you have a deck or a computer. 

Yes or no Tarot online – The Minor Arcana meanings

The meaning of Tarot cards yes or no should be interpreted depending on the position where the unit turned out to be. It is either straight or inverted. Be sure to account for this difference during card reading. All of the cards have separate interpretations. For example, all types of the Aces always say “yes”. These pages of free yes or no Tarot indicate that it is too early to talk about the answer, perhaps the events have not yet formed, and everything can change a few more times. 

Knights always give a positive answer. Now let’s consider several free Tarot reading yes or no combinations. The Kings and the Queens are complicated: the Queen of Wands and Cups is yes. The Queen of Swords and the Pentacles – no. The King of Wands and the Pentacles – yes. The King of Swords is not. The King of Cups – both answers are possible with equal probability, it all depends on luck.

Tarot card reading yes or no: the Major Arcana 

Today we’ll talk about several most spread Major Arcana meanings of Tarot reading yes or no:

  • The Jester won’t answer your question directly. This is a card of uncertainty. The reversed card means a positive answer.
  • The Mage is yes, an inverted – no. The Empress and the Emperor should be interpreted in the same way, as well as the Justice and the Judgment. 
  • The Priestess cannot answer the question of free yes or no Tarot, but if it is upside down, the answer is yes.
  • The Chariot answers positively, but sets a condition – not to abandon the process halfway through. Inverted Chariot – yes, but later. 
  • The Lovers – yes, but if they are turned upside down, there is a possibility of a negative answer of Tarot card reading yes or no. The Star has the same meaning.
  • The Direct Wheel of Fortune answers positively. Inverted – too, but only if the question concerned the continuation of something or an old business. If the question is about something new, yes and no Tarot cards will say no.
  • The Hermit gives a positive answer if is about destiny or knowledge. The interpretation of the reversed Hermit depends on field of asking. If it is about a meeting – yes, about reconciliation – yes, but you will not be happy, about work – yes, but there is nothing special to rejoice about, about housing or health – no. To questions related to finances and love, the card will be negative. 

These are one of the most popular meaning of free yes or no Tarot readings. Try your fortune to find the clue to the mystery!