Neon signs are not just lit but an easy thing to create if you are sitting by yourself. Moreover, if that is the case, this guide is for you. Neon signs Sydney are colorful and nostalgic lighting installations that can brighten your home decor in a unique and fun way. As a matter of fact, neon signs are experiencing a revival right now for people who want to add personality to their homes or businesses.

However, did you know that one can quickly make DIY neon signage in the comfort of your workspace or home? Yes, that’s right, with a few tools and easy directions, one can fashion your neon sign with few DIY or artistic skills required. Furthermore, you can also be surprised by how affordable and fun it creates for your neon signs.

What Are Neon Signs?

These are composed of sealed and flexible glass tubes filled with inert gasses. Besides, the tubes are twisted and bent to form a shape or word and are typically powered through electricity. When plugged in, the present electrons stream through the gas, forming its atoms and then creating colors determined by the types of gasses utilized. Did you know that neon is a noble gas that produces orange hues?

Other glass tubes might be filled with:

  • Hydrogen: to produce red colors
  • Helium: for yellow colors
  • Mercury: for blue colors

A mix of gasses and chemicals is also utilized to develop secondary colors that aren’t primary colors like the ones mentioned above—for example, using helium and mercury to create green. Nowadays, one can also buy EL wire, used in DIY crafts, to develop your custom neon signs. Such a wire comes in various colors and comprises a battery pack. 

What Makes Neon Signs So Unique?

Passion is something good neon signs are all about. Speaking of which, they are clever advertising tools, brightening the windows and signage of bars, motels, cafés, and theaters, drawing the minds of passersby. However, now, they’re also being used in dorm rooms, home bars, dens, basements, and pretty much everywhere.

Some of the famous neon signs include:

  • New York City’s Times Square
  • Las Vegas’s Neon Boneyard
  • Nashville’s Lower Broadway
  • Osaka, Japan’s Dotonbori district
  • Paris’s Moulin Rouge

How to Make Your Neon Sign Melbourne

With a proper plan in place and proper tools, one can make their open neon sign in one go or sitting. However, before you gather every material, ensure you have thought through your design, be it a word, name, phrase, shape, etc., to envision the material you need to utilize.

Guess what, there is work and patience involved too, but it pays off wellsize , providing you with a lasting and beautiful testament to your creativity.

Supplies You Might Require

To make neon light signs, start by getting these tools and materials

  • A pencil and sheets of paper 
  • 16-gauge metal wire spool (this also serves as a frame for your electroluminescent wire)
  • Do not forget the 5mm EL wire of your preferred color (15’-20’ length can do the trick with several designs)
  • A hot glue gun and backup glue stick
  • Sting and wire cutters
  • Scissors
  • Batteries