I am writing my first article in the creative section. Let me start by asking you a simple question.

Do you like to recycle old items into nifty new kinds of things?

If so, keep reading.

This project uses some old things to make new items, making it a great way to teach kids about recycling. You will need some cardboard cup holders or empty egg boxes to make the paper pulp.

Ages: 6 years and up (adult supervision recommended)

Supplies Needed:
Cardboard cup holders for fast food drinks or cardboard egg boxes
White glue for multi-purpose crafts
Paint brush
Wood clamp
Old plastic bowl
Styrofoam ornament balls
Blender with tap water
Foam Sponge Paint Brush
Strainer / Strainer
Black, white and orange acrylic paint
(optional) piece of fleece fabric
Paper pulp preparation: Cut the empty paper cup holder or empty egg box into small pieces. Place the pieces in a plastic container. Pour just a little water and let the parts soak for an hour. Once they are very wet, pour the paper mixture into a strainer. With your fingers, squeeze out the excess water. I love this step. Place the paper pulp in the bowl of your blender and blend at flow speed to soften. Pour the paste back into an empty plastic container. Mix up some white craft glue to make sticky paper pulp. Mine is the texture of a lumpy dough.

The Snowball: Using a foam brush, lightly spread white craft glue on the middle of the Styrofoam ball. Use your fingers and tap the pulp dough to include the top half of your decorative ball. Repeat this process for the bottom half of your ball. Once done, put the ball through the clothespin so it can harden and dry.

Adding facial features: Once your ball is drained, paint with two coats of white acrylic. Once it’s dry, draw black eyes, black dots for his lips, and finally an angular-shaped orange nose.

Optional Scarf: Cut a piece of fleece measuring 2 ″ wide by approximately 10 ″ long, tie it in a bow, and then glue it to the bottom of our ball to match a fur scarf.