Streaming services have taken over means of entertainment and for consumers, the perfect thing to do during their leisure time is to turn on the TV or open the app on any device and browse through a catalog of thousands of movies, shows, documentaries, stand-up comedy specials, and much more. 

The way we consume content has evolved over the past decade and during the pandemic, the usage of apps like Disney Plus, Amazon Prime, Netflix, HBO Max, and other platforms has massively increased in a good way. Consumers do not need to wait hours for a show to begin on cable now. Streaming platforms promised on-demand instant content and they have delivered so far. 

Binge-watching became a cultural phenomenon, crediting to the way platforms like Disney+ have performed over the years. It all begin with Netflix and in 2019, Disney realized the potential of creating content and launched their own exclusive site. 

The Numbers for Disney Plus

When Disney had announced they were going to launch a streaming service, the critics were there to make fun of the decision and question the executives behind it. For Disney to even think of going into streaming content at the time was questionable and a sign of distress. Although, here is a great lesson for emerging startups and small businesses looking to venture into the streaming industry. 

In just two years, we have seen unprecedented growth and Disney+ broke all kinds of records, setting a whole new bar for the entire ecosystem. We saw an 81% increase in revenue in 2021 alone and moving forward, with the kind of exclusive content Disney is releasing, we are looking at bigger growths. 

There are 152.3 million subscribers hooked onto the app right now and the numbers are still low according to streaming standards as Disney Plus is yet to launch in a lot of countries. It won’t take long for it to take over though. Disney already won the race for quickest growth. 

Technology Stack Attached to Disney Plus

Now, as we move towards the technical side and discuss what we need in terms of technologies and resources, you can learn a thing or two from an flutter app development company and the way they are operating right now to help businesses launch streaming services. 

A video streaming service at the very basic would require a number of data configurations, frameworks, and other technicalities throughout each development phase. To provide a general guideline, here is what you need to look at: 

  • Language: Python, Java, Kotlin, Swift
  • Frameworks and libraries: React, WinJS, Node.JS
  • Utilites: Urban Airship, Falcor, Amazon SES
  • DevOps: GitHub, Jenkins, Vector 
  • For business: G Suite, OneLogin, Ping Identity

And lastly, Disney Plus has a database to properly function and operate in an optimized way. MySQL, Cassandra, Oracle, and Amazon EC2 are the go-to cloud services. Disney Plus needs to go on uninterrupted. All these technologies combined, with the help of our resources, enable the entire streaming system to thrive. 

Features You Must Include

Disney Plus is a streaming platform and what makes a streaming service stand out? In fact, while you do your research, see what Disney Plus does and how you can be better and configure it according to your personalized needs. 

Do not replicate everything as it is. Learn, improvise, and adapt only to what will fit your audience. We suggest you open the app on your phone and see for yourself. You need to look at the app from different perspectives, it will help in generating ideas, and your final product will be much more personalized and unique. 

  1. Smart search  

Get in touch with an app development company in NYC and mention that you need a full-fledged streaming service. Without a second call, they will already assume that you need the search feature to be incredibly useful and immersive. Disney Plus includes a search button that runs on autocorrect and consumer behavior. 

Disney Plus knows what a certain user might be looking for and the algorithm keeps adjusting the search panel accordingly. Users get to see their recent searches and get recommendations based on that. If you move ahead with a search feature similar to Disney Plus, your audience will have a fun experience, leading to greater retention rates eventually. 

  1. Multiple payment options

Disney Plus is a paid subscription and even though it is much cheaper than its counterparts, payments still need to go through smoothly. The UX/UI design is specifically accommodating enough when it comes to payment gateways. Disney knows that the payment step should be as quick as possible for the user, and the design follows up likewise. 

Right now, users can pay through PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Amex, and much more – depending on the country. When you negotiate project requirements, include payment safe and secure payment methods. They must go through all necessary protocols as well. 

  1. User profile

Another overlooked feature that businesses assume is just a given formality and serves no real purpose is the integration of a well-defined user profile. A user profile is capable of providing the perfect insights to users and letting them keep a track of progress, payment deadline, upcoming updates, the number of devices connected, and much more. 

A huge advantage of custom software development services is the fact that you can adapt and creatively use a feature in your own way. Go beyond just a simple user profile and integrate social buttons, language selection, and screen mirroring. The possibilities are endless. 

Final Thoughts

Disney Plus is still a recent name in the bigger picture but again, you have a lot to learn from the app and the quick success it has had. Your digital product could have a similar journey if you define the steps you need to take and move in a planned manner. Remember that your plan matters the most. How you strategize and communicate with development companies to launch your app will be a defining point. 

Keep everyone involved. The audience, your business, the development team, potential VCs, and every other possible stakeholder. The roadmap is long and can be overwhelming. Stay prepared.