Do you want your smartphone to display a coloured battery status bar? Are you able to give the right verdict? Mobile apps are great because they allow you to personalize things according to your requirement.

Many smartphone applications let users adjust their appearances. This article will therefore describe a query raised by United States persons, i.e. How To Make a Rainbow Battery. Let’s take a look at the underlying sections to better understand the topic.

Discussing the Topic

We have not been able to find any updated information. A few older sources said that you can install their application to change the color of the battery bar. We also discovered threads that allowed you to modify the status bar color and the battery percentage.

For example, you can have the application change the color to green if the device is not charged above 91 to 100%. However, only legal apps of Google Playstore (or App Store) are recommended. Let us now continue discussing the topic.

How to Make A Rainbow Battery Matter

The most important icon, the battery indicator, allows users to let others know about the battery state. Since a while, users have been using several apps to change the battery status color. During our research, we found a thread explaining how to change the iPhone battery colour.

The current battery colour is either black or white. The battery bar on an iPhone will normally display in black. However, you can turn the dark mode off from the Settings to see the white-coloured bars. In the next section, How do I make a rainbow battery, you will learn the colours that are normally displayed in the battery status bars.

Additional threads

We discovered that you might see colours like red, yellow, and green in the battery status indicator bar, apart from the two primary colours, i.e. white and black. It will also show the bar in green if it is fully charged. If your phone has low battery, the status bar will turn to red.

While looking for How do you make a Rainbow Battery links, we came across a source which suggested that low power mode could be used to charge the battery. According to this source, the battery percentage will shift towards yellow which prolongs the battery’s lifespan in low-power situations. We would appreciate any information that you can provide.

Concluding Linings

This article will explain how to make a rainbow battery by comparing the string options to the battery percentage.

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