Are you looking for a nice fitted and good-looking custom motocross jersey? If you are a rider, then a jersey is one of the first to grab attention. Above all, you should get the clothes in which you enjoy the ride. If we look around, then suddenly Motocross jersey has become a central part of riding gear. Still, many people are unaware of its functionality and advantages.

What is a custom Motocross Jersey? A breakdown of the definition:

A Motocross jersey is a type of uniform that bikers wear during the ride. However, the jersey only covers the torso and is available in different materials. There are the following categories of material that are widely used for motocross jerseys:


The primary aim of the uniform is to absorb sweat, and the jersey comes with pads on the shoulder. So, if you are biking on the road and want to prevent harmful UV rays, you need a motocross jersey. But if you need something but protective, go with a jersey that comes with pads on the shoulders.

Why do you need a custom Motocross jersey? 

Every person has different needs. For instance, some dirt bikers want jerseys for indoor, outdoor, or daytime events. But you can’t get ready-made products that go best with your requirements all the time. So, it is preferred to order a custom motocross jersey in this situation. The average price of the Motocross jersey is around $50, but the cost will add up in case of customization.

Tips to make a good custom Motocross jersey:

Don’t wait and grab a jersey if you want something to keep you safe from injuries and scratches. But if you want a custom jersey, then don’t ignore these tips:

Look for the COMFORT:

COMFORT should be your priority because riders sweat a lot, and it could be un-bearable in a simple T-shirt. However, you should prefer moisture-moving and breathable fabric which has evaporation powers. The lycra fabric keeps dry and normalizes the body’s temperature. Above all, you should design a moving and insulating material in fall and spring. In this way, you can keep yourself comfortable, and it’s vital for a smooth ride. The perfect size is another main thing that adds more comfort. Here is the little guide according to the weight:

XXX large240lbs

Prefer back pockets in custom Motocross Jersey:

If you love going for long rides, you should understand that weather would be harsh on the road. However, you will have to carry so many things with you. For instance, you need sunscreen, a hand pump, a phone, an ID, etc. Usually, riders don’t carry backpacks; you need a Motocross jersey with back pockets to carry the essentials.

Wind resistance power:

You need a biker jersey more than anything when you need to confront wind on the bike. But in ready-made jerseys, wind-resistant is one of the most significant issues and is hard to find. So, go on an excellent custom Motocross jersey material that can resist wind because baggy shirts can’t do this.

Don’t ignore safety & aesthetics:

When we talk about a good motocross jersey, we can’t ignore the excellent quality and best fitting. So, here are the following main factors to focus on:

  • Choose a vibrant color
  • Print a different design that reflects your love and passion for the biking
  • Above all, don’t compromise on the safety
  • Get a full-length mountain bike jersey

Moreover, it’s crucial to order a reflective custom motocross jersey because it will help if you are a night rider. So, reflective jerseys are essential for better visibility.

Pro tip: Don’t wash your biking jersey in a washing machine because it can ruin the material. However, hand washing in cold water with mild detergent once every three months is a good approach.