It’s easy to get inspired when you’re hanging out in the living room, especially if you have a throw pillow cover that you designed and crafted yourself. With the right tools and materials, you can make your own custom throw pillow cover in five simple steps: one, pick your fabric; two, measure and cut the fabric; three, create the casing; four, put it all together; and five, enjoy your new throw pillow cover! With this handy how-to guide, you’ll be able to add some serious personality to your living room decor with your own custom throw pillow cover!

Step 1: Cut fabric into 2 rectangles

The length of each rectangle should be twice as long as you want your finished throw pillow cover. For example, if you want your finished cover to be 16 inches wide, cut both rectangles out at 32 inches long. Step 2: Sew 4 sides of fabric together: Fold one side on one rectangle over onto itself, so it meets up with its opposite side. Repeat with second rectangle and remaining sides.

Step 2: Sew short sides and bottom seam

Pin one side seam of pillow together and pin bottom seam. Place pins perpendicular to each other so they don’t slip out while sewing. Sew together using a 1/2-inch seam allowance. Repeat with opposite side and bottom seams, allowing unsewn sides of pillow cover to be right sides of fabric. This is your throw pillow cover! Remove all pins before proceeding. (For additional help on how to sew, check out our full guide here.)

1. Cut two pieces of fabric that are at least 12 inches by 16 inches (30cm x 40cm). It’s best if you can use different fabrics for each piece but if you want matching pillows then it doesn’t matter too much as long as both pieces are large enough to accommodate whatever size pillow you want to use.

Step 3: Sew on button

In order to make sure that your pillow covers are actually removable, you’ll need buttons. Any old buttons will do, but decorative buttons can really take your pillow cover from boring to beautiful. To make things simple, we used our own custom-made shaped throw pillows so we knew exactly what size and shape of button would work best. We simply shaped and sewed on our button after finishing our pillow cover! A needle and thread were all that was needed! For sewing machine users, have at it!

Step 4: Add pocket for pillow insert

First, choose which side of your pillow you’d like as your front. With right sides together, align and pin edges of each front piece. Sew around three sides with 1⁄2 seam allowance; leave bottom open. Turn right side out and tuck pillow insert into pocket. Hand-stitch opening closed or sew shut using ladder stitch (you can find instructions for both on any sewing website). Top-stitch remaining seam allowance for decorative touch.

Step 5: Insert pillow and enjoy!

If you followed all of these steps, you should have some nice shaped throw pillows for your couch or bed. It’s time to sit back and enjoy them! But before that… be sure to check out our list of tools needed above. If anything seems unclear, leave us a comment below and we’ll be glad to help! Enjoy your new custom pillow covers. 🙂