Though most people do not realize it, smell affects the mood, productivity and decision making of a person. While a pleasant smell will improve the mood of a person, a foul odour can make it difficult for a person to focus on their work. If a shop, restaurant or other retail space does not have a pleasant smell, people are not likely to purchase anything. Hence many business owners would like to find out how to make your business smell good. Some of the solutions using scents and perfumes for improving the smell of an area to attract more customers, increase sales and productivity are discussed.

Ambient smell

In a tropical area like Singapore, people are likely to sweat a lot when they are outdoors. The bacteria flourish causing foul odors. When they enter a retail space or office, the odour will spread in the confined space. Since most areas are air-conditioned, with the air being recirculated, the odour will become stronger affecting the office or retail space. Additionally most men are wearing shoes with socks and these will also start smelling if they are not washing daily. Since it is difficult for a retailer or business to ensure that the potential customers or employees are not producing smells which are not pleasant, they are looking for alternate solutions to mask the odours

One of the ways to remove the smells which are not pleasant is by using odor removal products. However, these products may not be very effective for masking the smells. So the alternative option for odor removal is using a suitable scent. If the amount of scent released in the room is adequate it will mask the foul odours, so that the room smells pleasant even if one or more employees or customers are generating a foul odour. While air fresheners or room fresheners are available, often people find that the freshener is not adequate enough to hide the unpleasant odors due to different reasons

Scent marketing

Hence increasingly businesses are focusing on scent marketing working closely with experts to ensure that their business smells good at all times including different weather conditions. Depending on the kind of business, product or service being sold, the business will choose a particular scent for their business. They will also work with the experts, to ensure that an adequate amount of scent or perfume is released in the air, so that the room or retail space will always smell good. Depending on the size of the business and budget, different mechanisms or appliances can be used to keep the business smelling good.

Scent branding

Additionally, businesses in Asia, especially those dealing with retail customers are using scent branding to increase sales, and retain customers. They are hiring experts who will help them choose a suitable scent based on the business profile. For example retailers like shopping malls are often using floral scents to encourage customers to spend more time. Spas, salons and similar facilities often use lavender fragrances which promote relaxation. In some cases, the experts will specially create a distinctive fragrance for the business to help in branding.