Harry Potter fans have been wondering if they could link their Wizarding World account to Hogwarts Legacy to make for a tailored experience. Well, the answer, fortunately, is “yes”, the newly-released game does allow players to connect their accounts, with plenty of perks to make for a more engaging playthrough. If you’re one of those players curious about how to link your accounts, read on for how to do it.

Here Are the Steps to Linking Your Accounts

Firstly, you need to open a WB Games account, along with a Harry Potter Fan Club account. So if you don’t have these accounts already set up, now would be the time to remedy that. This will allow you to receive the perks and bonuses available when connecting these accounts to Hogwarts Legacy.

You’ll next need to head over to the Hogwarts Legacy account linking page at the Wizarding World website. Here you can log in using your Harry Potter Fan club account and make a game profile. On the Legacy Connect page, click on Get Started Now. From there, you’ll be assigned a house via a quiz. Once the quiz is over, return to the Legacy Connect page by clicking on Let’s Go at the bottom of the page.

Staying on the Legacy Connect page, click on Discover Your Wand, after which you’ll be given your wand. You’ll be tasked to complete another quiz, this time based on (you guessed it…your wand). Once again, click on Let’s Go to return to the Legacy Connect page.

Hold On – We’re Almost There

Click on Go to WB Games. This will enable you to sign in to your WB Games account, or create one if you haven’t yet done so. You’ll see a Connections tab, from where you can link the system or device you’ll be playing the game on. Make sure to clarify you’ll also be using your Harry Potter Fan Club account.

Once you’ve linked your Hogwarts Legacy and Wizarding World accounts, you can choose your wand and house early in the game. You’ll also get two awesome bonuses once you’ve linked your account, which are the House Fanatic School Robe and Beaked Skull Mask.

How About Starting Now and Linking Later?

If you’ve already started playing the game and are wondering whether it’s too late to link your accounts, fear not. You can indeed link your accounts at any point during the game. The bonuses will still be yours. You should know, however, that you might not get some of the perks awarded early on, i.e, choosing your house and wand early, if you’ve already completed these in-game.

While linking your accounts allows you to be even more engaged in the game, you could also take advantage of a Hogwarts Legacy walkthrough, courtesy of EIP Gaming. You can consider it your personal guide, as you play, immersing you even more in the world of Hogwarts Legacy and the Harry Potter universe.