Investors can create wealth over the long term by investing in the stock market. However, the markets can be quite unpredictable at times. Investors think that they can only make money as long as the markets are trending up. Investors get scared when the market is falling. Most people tend to stay away from the market during times when the Stock market is declining. However, there are ways in which investors can still make money even when the markets are bearish.

A bear market is typically described as a downward market. A bear market occurs when the number of sellers outweighs the number of buyers, resulting in a pessimistic market sentiment. 

Short selling is one of the best ways to make money when the markets are declining. Short selling is just the opposite of your regular trade. In regular trades, you buy stocks first and then sell them after they’ve gained in value. But in Short selling, firstly you sell stocks and then later buy the stock when the price declines.

The profit is the difference between the selling price and the price at which you buy the stocks back. Short selling can be a lucrative strategy since the value of stocks tends to depreciate in a falling market. The Risk of losses on the short sale is theoretically infinite. Short selling should be used by experienced traders who understand the dangers of investing in the Stock market. Buying stocks is less risky than short-selling for investors with a long-term investment horizon.

These are some of the other ways to earn profit from a falling market:

1. Trade in derivatives

Investors can earn profit from falling markets through derivative contracts such as futures and options. Investors invest in derivatives as it is versatile. You can make money during a falling market in futures and options. You can also generate significant returns even when the market is going up.  Investors don’t have to possess the underlying asset before entering into a contract. 

Trading in derivatives is considered one of the riskier investment options around the market. 

2. Invest in safe-haven assets

 Gold is one of the best investment options whenever investors find themselves in trouble. Gold is considered to be a safe-haven asset since it tends to retain its value even amidst geopolitical and economic tensions. The price of Gold is negatively correlated with the stock market. The price of gold tends to go up when the prices of stocks fall down, and vice versa. 

3. Alternative investment options

Investors can invest in traditional schemes like short-term fixed deposits and recurring deposits to generate some revenue till the markets get stabilized and start to go up. 

 These are some strategies to invest during the bearish phase of the stock market:

1.  Good stocks tend to recover quickly and get back on the growth track. Investors should keep their purchase of bad stocks at a minimum as their price keeps falling when bad stocks decline.

2. A varied portfolio helps you hedge against risk. Some stocks can help you earn profits if some set of stocks performs poorly.

3. The margin facility can be a powerful tool to acquire stocks that pay dividends in a bear market.


Investors should use the right trading tools before investing in the stock market. They should do their research before investing in a bear market. This will help investors to make a thorough assessment ahead of the trade. Investors should have the patience to earn profit in a falling Stock market. They should keep monitoring the share market on a regular basis.

In the video, we have discussed ‘How to earn profit in a falling Stock Market.  We have discussed the Bear Markets in detail and how the economy gives signals to identify the Bear markets.

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