Are you a Metallica fan? Are you looking forward to making Metallica music from your guitar? If yes, then there is no need to worry about the learning procedure because everything you need to know about Metallica music is available on the internet. And if you can’t understand various things that are present on the internet then you can sign up for guitar classes and in a few months, you can go from being a beginner to being quite good at making Metallica music.

How To Start?

If you are a beginner, then all you need to do is just get started. Once you start trying to learn, you will know that you are making some progress even if it’s learning how to hold the guitar properly. There are certain Metallica songs which you can practice as beginners and learn very easily. If you’re an intermediate-level guitarist, then there are numerous options for you to work your way through their riff and solo-filled songs.

If you try the nothing else matters solo tabs, as an intermediate or trained guitarist then you’ll be surprised to see that you will be able to master it in a short time.

Guitar Techniques To Learn For Metallica Songs

There are some specified guitar techniques that tend to appear again and again in Metallica music. If you are able to pick these techniques and master them, you will find it very easy to play Metallica music.

The Down Picking Technique

The down-picking technique is mostly used by James Hetfield. While many guitarists use different techniques to make music from their guitar, the down-picking technique tends to make really strong sounds. The slight difference in tone when you pick a note up or down has a great role to play in music and for Metallica music, the down picking technique is much more suitable. It also creates a tone that is more consistent with riffs.

Once you start noticing the difference between down picking and mix picking you will see how the sound is evenly distributed by down picking. These are the minor things that you need to notice and learn accordingly.

Gallop Rhythms

If you are well accustomed to different guitar techniques, you will know that there is a form of music you can create by using the up-picking technique. Such a technique can be used to create gallop rhythms which are a strong element in Metallica music.

The gallop rhythms are made up of a group of three fast notes that have to be repeated again and again to form music. You can easily master this technique once you’ve built momentum for the down-picking technique. If you face problems in creating a gallop rhythm that means you need to go and master your down picking technique first.

A guitarist who has mastered the down picking technique will find it easy to play gallop rhythms and this is a musical fact no one will tell you.

It’s not difficult at all. What you need to do is spend some time with a metronome and build up your gallop stamina because it requires quick movements.