6+ ways to know if someone has blocked you on Instagram

Fortunately, Instagram or any social network does not notify people when they are blocked. Imagine the shock and sadness one would go through if they got the “XYZ has blocked you” notification. Ouch!

But there comes a day when we feel like someone might have blocked us, especially when their posts and stories stop showing up in our Instagram feed. Well, does that mean they blocked you?

Probably not. The person may have deactivated their account or stopped posting to Instagram. So, what’s the best way to know if you’ve been blocked?

Well, we’ll let your curiosity get some sleep as we help you decipher the blocking case. Before we get started, let’s be clear that we won’t be using any third-party tools because none of them work. We will only be doing some manual checks. So put on your detective coat and let’s sneak in. Sometimes blocking is due to poor quality services. To avoid this, please contact Lowcostsmm – https://lowcostsmm.com where in addition to quality you can quickly untwist your accounts in Instagram and channels on YouTube.

1. Find the profile with a search

The easiest way to find out if someone has blocked you is to look at their Instagram profile. Find their name or Instagram id by using an Instagram search.

Three things will happen:

1. If you see the profile as well as the posts, then you are not blocked in the case of public profiles. For private accounts, if you see a profile with the message “This account is private,” then you’re okay.

2. If you see the profile and number of messages, but the message “No messages” appears in the message display area, then you are blocked.

3. However, if the profile doesn’t show up at all in search, it means either the person has deactivated their profile or they have blocked you. To verify your suspicions, you should investigate other evidence as outlined below.

2. Check your profile.

When someone blocks you, Instagram doesn’t remove old comments or tags from your profile. If their profile is not available through search, you should use those old comments to visit their profile. If your profile shows the number of posts with no posts, then yes, you are blocked.

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3. Use Instagram username help

You can browse Instagram profiles at Instagram.com/username in any browser. If you remember the username that blocked you (and I’m sure you do), replace the term “username” in the link with the actual username of the profile.

Then, if you are logged in from your profile, you will get an error message “Sorry, this page is inaccessible” if that person has blocked you.

There is a small chance that the person has deactivated their account. To be sure, log out of your Instagram profile in your browser or open incognito mode and open their profile via a link. If the profile is available, then the news is correct, but if the profile doesn’t open for them either, it’s okay.

4. Messages will disappear

When someone is blocked on Instagram, the chat thread is hidden for both participants. So if you suspect someone is blocking you, open private messages (DM) and find their chat branch. If the chat branch exists, you are not blocked. But if it doesn’t exist, he may have blocked you. But then again, the person may have deactivated his profile and therefore the chat branch is missing.

To be sure, you need to check the general Instagram groups. Open a group chat that both of you are members of. If you see their profile in the group and not anywhere else on Instagram, then yes, you are blocked.

5. Try again

Finally, if you can somehow see their profile, try subscribing to them by clicking the “Subscribe” button. If you get blocked, you won’t be able to subscribe to that person. Clicking Follow will do nothing and you will see the same button again. Instagram will not notify them of this. Buy 100, 1000 followers on Instagram is not difficult at https://lowcostsmm.com/buy-instagram-followers-cheap/ at an inexpensive price and incredibly fast.

But if they haven’t blocked you, hitting the Follow button will make you subscribe to that person, and Instagram will notify them of that. I know it’s risky, but sometimes you have to go to extremes.

6. Check from a different phone or a different profile.

Finally, an undemanding and painless way is to check from another account. If you have two Instagram accounts, then open their profile from the second account. And, if you only have one profile, ask a close friend or family member to find it.

If the profile opens okay, it’s time to reflect on your bad actions that caused the person to block you. *An evil smirk*

How do you know if someone has blocked you on Instagram Story

Unfortunately, there is no direct way to find out. All you can do is check from another profile. This, too, will only work if the person has a public profile. Your best bet is to ask a mutual friend. It’s quite possible that they are using the new “Close Friends” feature in Instagram Stories.

Check carefully.

Hopefully you were able to find out if you are blocked on Instagram or not.

Remember, if you can’t see someone’s posts, they may have only removed you from their follower list. So double check before you accuse them of blocking you.

How to find out who unsubscribed from your Instagram page

Generally speaking, it’s impossible to know who has unsubscribed from Instagram – the social network doesn’t send notifications when someone stops being your follower. And even in the statistics for business accounts and author profiles, you can’t see exactly who left. There’s only general information about the number of new signups and unsubscribes.

If you only have 100-200 followers and you subscribe to them all back, of course you can check the list manually. But if you have thousands of subscribers or if you’re not mutually subscribing to everyone who gets added, it’s not realistic

The only solution in this case is to use third-party apps. But this is dangerous. Any such programs require authorization with your Instagram username and password and can then use your account for their own purposes: to subscribe to someone or simply hack. We will tell you about apps for viewing unsubscribes, but we do not recommend using them.

Attention! You can see who’s unsubscribes only during the app’s lifetime. It’s impossible to know who stopped being a follower a couple of days ago.

Apps on Android

All applications on Android, in which you can find out who has unsubscribed from Instagram, are available in Play Market. There are many of them, and we will tell you about the most interesting ones:

Unfollower for Instagram (4,5 ☆). The service is designed for mass unsubscribing from those who are not subscribed to you. It doesn’t notify you when someone has stopped being your follower, but it shows such people in the general list.

You can unsubscribe from up to 10 people at a time through the app. It’s free only 5 times, for viewing ads. Paid access costs $4.99.

FollowMeter (3.9 ☆). The app is designed for comprehensive account analytics. It shows who unsubscribed from you, as well as those who:

  • Didn’t subscribe to you mutually;
  • blocked you;
  • Viewed your stories;
  • Views your stories the most;

Who signed in to your profile but didn’t show up in any way.

And the service also generates reports on posts – showing you the most effective ones so you can replicate your success later. But it collects incomplete data, unlike other analytics tools on Instagram.

Basic features, including a view of unsubscribes, are free. You’ll have to pay for the rest – $1.99 to $23.88 per item.

“Reports+ for Instagram (3.0 ☆). Analyzes followers, including showing who unsubscribed. Also allows you to see who:

  • Is visiting your profile;
  • Is not subscribing back to you;
  • Is most interested in you.

Extensive analytics on posts and activities are also available. Most reports are limited – for example, you can see the last five visits to your profile. To get more information, you’ll need to see ads or pay for premium access. It costs from $2.99 per week.

Users complain about attempts to hack accounts after logging in. The second most popular complaint is that money is deducted, but the premium access features remain closed.

Apps on iOS

There are several apps available on the App Store, too. Here are two of the most popular:

“Instagram Analytics Subscribers (4.8 ☆). Notifies you of unsubscribes and shows a list of everyone who has stopped being your follower, blocked or not subscribed back. Also:

  • helps you analyze your account and engagement;
  • publishes the latest social media news;
  • shows the most popular and new hashtags;
  • allows you to earn coins.

Coins received in the application can be spent on subscriber recruitment. Most users are not happy with the function – the balance is empty, but new followers do not come.

You can watch unsubscribes for free. For money you can buy subscribers.

“Who unsubscribes on Instagram” (3.8 ☆). An app for comprehensive account analytics. In total, it has more than 30 metrics – in addition to viewing unsubscribes, you can see who:

  • subscribes and unsubscribes back;
  • blocks your account;
  • deleting comments and likes under your posts.

The app also offers templates for stories, an automatic photo tag generator, a selection of the best tags, and post performance analytics.

You’ll have to pay for most of the features.