The windshield plays a vital role in our car’s safety. Without it, it will be more complicated than usual to move forward at the speed you usually run. This is the reason why slim wipers are there to help. They keep your windshield clean in any weather. 

Imagine hitting the road on a rainy season. For sure, the blur from the mist due to the heavy pours will be the reason for your problems driving. But, with the help of a windshield wiper, you can easily wipe it all.  

According to, you should maintain car accessories such as wipers to ensure safety along the road. And nobody wants to face any accidents related to windshield wipers failures. 

iN this page, we will provide some tips on maintaining your windshield wipers properly. 

Things you should do

Now browse over the following tips to keep your windshield wipers in good condition.

Tip Number 1: Keep your blades clean

What makes the shield clean is the wipers. Now, if the blades of the wipers are not that clean, they will just spread the dirt onto the whole shield, which is not a good idea a all. Whenever you clean up your car, make it a habit to clean your wipers

Just tip them over to have full access to the entire blade. You can wipe them with a cloth or a sponge. Before putting them back to the shield, make sure they are dry. If not, they might leave some residue or patches along with the shield the moment you use them. 

Tip Number 2: Avoid too much sunlight

The blade of the wiper is often made of rubber. And rubber is susceptible to heat. If you let it be exposed to too much heat, the rubber will shrink, which will make it unfit for the actual wiper. You will notice that the rubber falls off when you wipe it on the shield. 

This scenario also leaves some scratches and hard-to-remove patches on the shield. If that is the scenario, you might have to remove the wiper rubber and replace it with a new one. 

Tip Number 3:  They are wipers, not ice scrappers!

Some car owners who live in winter regions have problems dealing with ice that sets on their shields. If you are in a hurry, the faster way to remove all that ice is to scrape it with your wipers. It will indeed work fine, but it is not advisable.

Remember that your wipers are made of light metal materials and rubber. If you scrape it with the rubber end, there is a high chance you will rub the backs of the rubber. It will look like a rugged blade. What is terrifying is your wiper metal body will also be deformed. If that is the case, you must the entire windshield wiper. 

Tip Number 4: Wash your windows always.

Part of helping your wipers in their job is by assisting them, too. You can ensure that the wipers are always clean together with the shield. Why is it necessary? So imagine when you wake up in the morning, you see that there are bird poops or marks on the shield; you can clean that with a cloth instead of relying on the wipers. 

If you clean those with the wipers, there are high chances that some specks of dirt will be left n the rubber or the actual metal frame of the wipers. The moment you use it, it will respread the dirt. 

On top of that, there are instances that you see pet marks on the shield. Or it can be leaves or any dirt. Clean them as well. Or, if you don’t want this kind of morning routine, you can have a car cover to protect your car from unwanted debris or dirt fully. 

Tip Number 5: Do not use your wipers on the dry shield.

Wipers are intended to clean your shield with the aid of water. If you run it on the dry shield, there is a high chance that the rubber will be misaligned in the metal rack. Thus it will cause problems in the future when running it on the wet shield. 

On top of that, you will notice some patches or marks left on the shield. This is due to the rubber running in dry. You will be lucky if you can still fix those marks, but some end up being shield scratches. 

Tip Number 6: Always check your blades

This is to ensure that your blades are still in good condition. There are times that even if you take good care of it, normal wear and tear still leaves some expected damages on the wipers. If it is not too much on your schedule, you can do this every week or month. There is no harm in building a habit out of it. 

Tip Number 7: Always fill your water

The water coming out from the wiper spout is from the car itself. And you are the one responsible for filling it up. Plus, there are many beneficial effects when you fill up your car water tank. It secures that your car won’t overheat and more. So add this to your habit. Be mindful of doing this every day. We can assure you that it can keep you from many accidents. 


Sometimes, those who seem to contribute less actually affect the totality of something, just like the wipers. You think they don’t make a significant impact on your daily car usage, but they are more than just a wiper. They keep your vision clear during foggy moments or rainy days, even in the winter seasons. 

Keeping those tiny wipers will be just your lifesaver. So never neglect them of any sort. They are as crucial as your wheels or brakes. In that sense, we hope that you have gathered enough information on this page. We want to ensure that you care for your car just as you care for yourself until our subsequent car caring sessions.