If you feel it’s time to make a change, perhaps a new career move makes sense. Where should you start?

The first step is always to come to terms with the idea of moving on from your current job. However, expanding your horizons and branching out to a new career may seem lightyears away.

From thinking about a new job to the day of your first interview, there are a number of things you can do to prepare yourself! Charles Hunter share some of the best tipos to get your job search off to a great start.

Think About Your Ideal Job

It’s important to know before you delve deep in your search what your ideal job is. Create a rough draft of a job description of what you’re looking for. Write a list of your own strengths and weaknesses as it will help you consider the job listings that are within your skillset.

Create A Timed Plan

It is important to immerse yourself in the search by employing the use of a solid timetable. Write a list of processes you will need to go through in order to snag a different job. This may entail research, selecting job listings, filling out applications, and preparing yourself for interviews.

Take into consideration the tools and accessories you will require to carry out each phase of your plan. For example, for job interviews, make sure to have your CV typed up and ready. Plus, you will need to pay special attention to your wardrobe as you reach the interview phase. Give yourself an estimated timeframe to keep your steps in check.

Network To Get Job Opportunities

In order to leave the job you already have, you need to have the ability to snag a better deal. The most common way to do that is to put out feelers within your network of acquaintances to get access to new job postings.

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Figure out which companies you should follow on social media for opportunities for employment. Staying updated will allow you to make the most of your potential.

Get Job Alerts Via Newsletters

It is important to remain proactive when you’re looking to switch jobs. This will mean actively signing up for alerts and newsletters on websites that have a constant supply of job postings in the industry you’re looking to get hired in.

Subscribing to newsletters will provide you a leg up over the competition. Plus, many websites allow you to narrow down job postings by letting them know your criteria for location, industry, education, and experience.

Meet With Recruiters

Recruiters offer a wealth of information when it comes to learning the latest news about industry standards, expectations in the workplace, and salary. Make a few phone calls and get some informal meetings going with recruiters to help you gain a better understanding of what to expect.

If you prefer not to deal with a plethora of recruiting agencies, a dedicated recruiter is worth hiring for your cause. He or she will ensure that you get access to potential work opportunities that match your profile seamlessly. This option saves you a great deal of time and energy that you can invest elsewhere.

Update Your Industry Knowledge

Use your time wisely and update your knowledge of advances in technology and new industry standards. Find sources online or offline that are updated regularly and can keep you informed.

It is also important to pay attention to news reports that have to do with your current industry. Having this insider knowledge will come in handy during your interview and will make you a better rounded candidate for the job opening.

Spend Time Searching Every Day

Make it a point to set aside time for job searching every day – commutes are a good time to do so. It helps to work with a set amount of time to look at job postings, LinkedIn profiles, and industry news that may be of interest.

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Invest In Social Media

LinkedIn is probably one of the best modern tools to help you gain access to potential company recruiters and to network in order to build connections. Take the time to really build your profile and to keep it updated.

You can also build meaningful connections by using the alumni search tool available. Make sure you also add frequent page updates in the form of articles, links, and engaging insights.

Apart from the timed updates, make sure to give your profile an enticing look. Use a professional photograph of yourself and type up your experience and areas of expertise. You can even ask your contacts to leave testimonials for your page!

How To Appeal To New Employers

As you currently have a job, you can act in your best interests by doing certain things to boost your job search success.

On behalf of your company, offer to create solid and authoritative content that you can publish on blogs. It is important to really build your own brand through your efforts.

It’s also important to have the necessary skills to work in your industry. Make it a point to update yourself regularly through training programs or online courses. These are all tools to help you build out your social media profile.

Getting the right training is also integral if the job you’re looking for is in a different industry. Having the necessary training will ensure that no one overlooks your CV!

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