Have you ever been in dire need of a loan but you’re worried about your low CIBIL score? There may have even been a slight delay in your credit card bill payment which caused your credit score to drop or you just don’t have a credit card at all. Some banks and financial institutes may be wary of lending loans to individuals with a low CIBIL score. Not to worry though when you have ZestMoney on your phone! ZestMoney is a company that offers instant loan without CIBIL, no cost EMI schemes on 0 interest and zero downpayment. ZestMoney will make sure users don’t delay they repayments by helping them break payments into 3-4 sizeable amounts to manage them better.

Let’s take a quick look at how you can get an instant loan without CIBIL:

1.     Research the lender: Background information on your lender is the first and foremost step an individual must take before applying for a loan. This is because it is important to verify the credibility of your lender in order to protect yourself from scams and fraud.

2.     Check the interest rate: The next important factor is the interest rate. Some lenders can offer instant loans without CIBIL but at a cost. Higher interest rates such as 14% may be charged on your loans. Therefore, it is vital to choose your lenders right. ZestMoney is known to offer personal loans with a no-cost EMI plan which means that users can purchase products or services in affordable monthly instalments with zero interest!

3.     Look at online lenders: In the digital era, Artificial Intelligence can be seen everywhere. From online shopping to online banking and even cryptocurrency investments, online lenders are financial providers who believe a low credit score or no credit card should not be a reason to hold people back from taking a loan. One example of a fintech online company is ZestMoney! One of the primary motives  is to offer loans with no cost EMI  and a personalized credit limit of up to 2 lakhs. ZestMoney uses AI and Data analytics to sketch up a quick no EMI scheme and a credit limit that is based solely on the KYC online application, PAN, past transactions and even online shopping behaviour. So no more worrying about low credit scores or no credit cards at all!

It is time to improve your lifestyle and choose ZestMoney as your trusted financial partner. Enjoy the pleasure of splurging on products and services you’ve dreamt of in over 8000+ stores with no cost EMI. All it takes is three quick and easy paperless steps to get instant loans without CIBIL!