Your boss is sitting somewhere and he wanted to have a meeting with you, or the interviewer wanted to schedule an online interview for a job, this application helps you arrange a video conference. This article tells you, how to install the Zoom app on Smart TV.  

Zoom application is one of the best tools for conducting meetings, taking interviews, attending online classes or webinars, or teaching something. It offers a great solution for conducting conferences on various devices like phones, tablets, or laptops. People might think that does Zoom is compatible on a bigger screen?

For Android Box,

1. To install the Zoom application on Android television, first, you need to install Aptoide TV on your Android television.

2. Before that you need to search on Google and type Aptoide TV, whatever you have seen on the search list, go to that website, click on Download Aptoide TV Apk file.

3. You can open the file explorer file on your television, go to the download file, click double click and start installing. If whenever it asks permission means, click allows button.  

4. First, you need to open the Aptoide TV app and search the Zoom application. You will get a list of apps on the screen, click on the Zoom cloud meeting app, and start installing.

This is the step-by-step where you can install the application on your best Smart TV.

This is how you can open the Zoom app on your Smart TV Box or Smart TV and start to attend meetings, online classes, etc. It gives you better efficient quality on your bigger television screen.  

Not all Smart TVs have Zoom preinstalled.  In that case as well, just directly download your fav apps from the Aptoide store.

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