Learning how to hang your LED grow lights in an excellent start towards creating ther most productive light environment for your horticulture business. Though many growers get in wrong 

Whrn learning how to hang your grow lights the right way, you should have:

  • Consider light uniformity before hanging your grow lights
  • Put together a grow light plan
  • Detemine your grow light hang height
  • Ensure efficient grow light installation

This article will help you save time and money when hanging your grow lights, and hopefully provide peace of mind that you’re on the right track.

Consider Light Uniformity When Hanging Your Grow Lights

Getting an even amount of led grow lights to all your plants simply means your plants will also grow evenly. Otherwise known as light uniformity, this even distribution of photons is a vital part of any growth strategy.

  When light uniformity beneficial for your bussiness?

Uniform light distribution ensures:

  • Higher yields 
  • More consistent crop quality
  • An easier time managing your grow environment

Although a couple of these benefits seem less tangible, they all contribute to more consistent plant products, which in turn gain a better brand name for your business. The most consistent plant products are desired by consumers through more robust retailer relationships.

First, lets consider the dimensions of your grow room, including crop canopy, perimeters, benchers, racks, and aisles. We’ll only be lost. Worse yet, you’ll continue to pay for this light loss with high energy bills.

Some find it easier to think of hanging their light fixtures as installing irrigation systems. If you had overhead sprinklers that sprayed water all over the place, that wouldn’t be an efficient use of water, and would be downright messy

Now that you understand how vital light uniformity can be, we’ll want to plan for the right amount of coverage for your crop canopy.

We’re Always Here To Help

As you begin planning to hang your grow lights, we’ll be here to help you.

Our light planning specialists are experienced with all types of lightning environments. When you’re ready to start your grow light plan, our team can get you going quickly and reliably, enough said, let’s get growing.