Are you fed up with the lazy people in your workplace? Are you looking for the easiest ways to bring back the gone-stray people in the right direction and induce a new passion in them? If yes, you’re in the right place. No one can deny the importance of motivation and inspiration in the workplace because employees become slow, slack, and sluggish with time. You’re probably thinking about money; yes, money does work, but there are many other ways to do so. 

Ways to Inspire a Group of People to Do the Impossible

A leader becomes very frustrated when someone avoids tasks, makes lame excuses, and causes delays in the project delivery. So, to avoid this situation, here are some proven ways to inspire the team. 

  • Be Respectful and Cooperative 

It is hard to get the employee’s loyalty if you don’t respect your employees and don’t cooperate in the daily tasks. No one wants to be around an arrogant and disrespectful person who always scolds employees and humiliates them in front of everyone. Cultivate a friendly attitude, and be more sympathetic to all. Similarly, always be cooperative and help out those who need you in a difficult time. 

  • Celebrate Milestone 

If you want to make your employees feel motivated and valued, celebrate smaller and larger milestones such as project completion, birthday, or even winning a great project. Another way to announce the names of those who have just joined your team. This is how employees will feel that they are valued and recognized in the workplace. 

  • Develop the Modern Work Environment

This is another point that many leaders neglect while building a team and leading a company. Your office should be modern so that every employee must be comfortable and pleased to work there. Moreover, you must arrange lunch for your employees, and let them play some games and have a chat with others as well. Always have natural light, good computers, and strong internet availability in the company. 

  • Encourage Innovation 

In the business setting, many employees are creative and innovative. The sad part is that they are always unmotivated and neglected by the leaders. If you encourage innovation and creativity in the workplace, you will see an immense increase in employee engagement and interest in the recent projects. Listen to their creative ideas and appreciate their models and solutions. 

  • Give Them Credit for Success

A true business leader like John de Ruiter always gives credit for success to his employees and staff. He doesn’t behave like others who take credit for success and blame others in case of failure. Everyone wants to be appreciated and liked; therefore, arrange a small meeting, call the successful employees’ names, and give them similar projects as a reward. 


John de Ruiter is one of the most inspiring leaders, and he achieved all of this because of his dedicated, motivated, and committed team. If you want to make your team more passionate to work, try the above-mentioned tips.