Buying a new house is an exciting time for most people especially if it is your first time. You tour the place and see that the layout is exactly how you want, there is a nice yard, and the cost is right. It seems perfect and so you make the purchase. However, did you take the time to inspect the plumbing system? Are the toilets leaking? Is there rust on the pipes? Not taking the time to do a simple inspection of the plumbing system can cause major issues and cost a lot of money down the road. So, before you sign your name on the dotted line here are a few things to look at when inspecting a house.

  • Water Puddles: When inspecting the plumbing of a house an easy thing to look for is any puddling of water. Turn on the sink faucet and then check underneath, flush the toilet, and check around where the pipe goes into the wall. Anywhere that there may be a leaky fixture it is important to check for water pooling. You can also check these areas to see if there are any stains from water damage. Go into a room on the floor below and check the ceiling under where the fixtures are for water stains. Checking for this can help you determine if something is leaking. Make sure there is no warping of the floors especially by the toilet and check to see if the floor feels “soft” when you walk in these areas.
  • Rust and Corrosion: If you can easily see any pipes or metal fixtures check for rust and corrosion. When a metal fixture starts to corrode it will most likely start to fail as well. This means it is a good idea to check for any evidence that this has started to occur. A good place to check for corrosion is on the pipes leading into the water heater.
  • Turn on Faucets: Not only will turning on any faucets allow you to check for leaks, but you can also see how the water flow is. Check how the water pressure is in a shower and make sure that the water coming out of all the faucets is clean. You can also flush the toilet and check that it stops running on its own so that you know that all the parts seem to be working.
  • Water Meter: Another way to check for hidden leaks is to check the water meter outside. Double check that there are no faucets running and then check the meter. If there is no water running and no leaks, then the dial should be completely still. If you notice that it is moving, then you most likely have a leak.
  • Drains: Run some water in a sink and especially in the shower/bath and take note of how quickly the water drains out. If the drain does not drain quickly then there is probably some kind of clog within the drain that needs to be taken care of.

These are a few simple and easy things that you can check into when inspecting a house. They may take you a few extra minutes and might not seem very exciting, but they can save you some heartache in the future. If you want to be 100% that the plumbing system of a house is in tip top shape, then give your local plumbing company a call and have them come out and do an in depth inspection. A little extra time now can save a lot of time and money down the road.