If we had the ability to travel through time and back to 2011, increasing YouTube Vanced APK views would be the first goal of anyone looking to succeed on the platform.

In fact, up until that date, the number of views of a video was the most influential ranking factor, i.e. the parameter that had the most weight in determining a video’s success in search results.

When it comes to social media, the numbers always matter. Having more likes and views on your video content is highly regarded as a social license of standard, interest, and acceptability.

The implication of this is quite phenomenal. First, in the mind of your regular subscribers and first-time viewers, having racked up a significant amount of YouTube views and likes mean you are an authority figure in that interest area or subject niche. Second, these numbers can help you advance on the ladder of engagement and reach.

You can buy YouTube likes and YouTube views a nitro boost in the race for SEO. This initial push makes your YouTube video somewhat ignore-proof and getting more and more viewers to the video means a higher ranking on the algorithm to do better. Because your videos have appeared to be popular, people would generally take interest in them as the number of YouTube likes and views will stand as a review that your content is great. This is one of the most important reasons why you need to buy YouTube views and YouTube likes.

In practice, YouTube reasoned this way: “if a video has more views than another analog, then that video is probably better”, where “best” means:

  • more interesting
  • more engaging
  • most relevant
  • more authoritative

in short, it was “more” than the other

The consequence was that the video with the most views obtained a better ranking in the search results and was offered more frequently among the suggested videos. This rudimentary method of evaluation worked for some time, at least until the ways of deceiving YouTube took on proportions that began to annoy users.

More precisely, I am referring to the fake views purchased “a lot a kilo”, to the deceptive cover images that favored the click, to the use of trendy but not pertinent keywords … and to many other tricks that until then worked to increase the views. But this is history.


From 2012 onwards, YouTube has introduced more complex and precise evaluation parameters, which tend to enhance the videos, thus making them “more visible” on the platform, based on the experience of the viewer (user experience), referring to what he believes to be the best signs of this experience.

The factors that really affect today are:

  • Public loyalty and viewing time (Watch Time);
  • Subscription to the channel after seeing your video;
  • Comments and like / dislike;
  • Sharing on other social networks (Twitter, Google+, Facebook, …);
  • Add the video to your favorites, watch later or in a playlist.

Consequently, the success of a video no longer depends on the ability to increase views, but depends on the ability to increase the “right” views, that is, those views that we could define as “active”, of quality.

The quantity, that is the simple number, still maintains its weight, even if subordinated to the approval signals listed above. In practice, if you want to be successful on YouTube today you have to start thinking in a more articulated way, above all because you cannot control or manipulate the views we have called “active”, you have to earn them.

So: while it is true that you have no control over active viewers, it is true that you have control over what can affect them, from the type of video you decide to make to the tricks you can use when they are published on YouTube.

As for the types of videos, the ones that usually get the most success, obviously remaining in the business field, are:

  • tutorial;
  • webinar;
  • the interviews;
  • case history;
  • format Q&A.

In general, any video that solves a problem or responds to a perceived need is fine, the important thing is to stay focused on your target and not get caught up in the illusion of the viral. On YouTube, success builds over time, not instantly. Inspirational and emotional videos may be fine but they are not the cornerstone of an effective strategy, they are the outline.



If your videos are really useful to your target and built in a way that makes watching them enjoyable, it is possible to influence audience retention and viewing time in 3 ways:

  • Embed videos on your web pages (website and/or blog). A user who stays on your web pages is very likely to have a real interest in what you do, consequently, they are just as likely to take an interest in your videos, watching them from start to finish.
  • Link to videos in your email signature. The people you email communications with are part of your own professional “world”, so when they find the link to your latest video in the email signature they are likely to find it interesting (or maybe just watch it out of curiosity, but go good all the same!)
  • Promote the video in your newsletters. For the same reasons as the previous points, if a person is subscribed to your mailing list they are probably interested in what you do. Promoting watching a video to your subscribers increases the likelihood that they will watch it for as long as possible (obviously know that promoting the same video in multiple newsletters is not a crime, the important thing is that the video is relevant to the content).


It may seem trivial to you, but if you want to increase the number of subscribers on the Youtube Channel you simply have to ask the viewer. I mean that at the end of your YouTube videos you should insert a CTA (Call To Action) that invites the user to subscribe to the channel, using the end screen and/or watermark functions.


When it comes to comments, likes/dislikes, shares on other social networks, adding the video to favorites, or watching later, these are more difficult signals to influence. Also in this case I suggest you insert CTAs where possible, but know that the greatest influence is exerted by how the video is made and what it contains, in addition to the habits of the person who watches it.

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In this article I have tried to explain to you how to increase views on Youtube, summarizing the most important factors to climb the top and make your potential target customers find your videos during their search.