So, you have completed your studies and you wish to stay in Australia as a permanent resident. Congratulations for that first! Well, you can certainly turn your dream into a reality. Do you know how? Well, all you have to do for that is to apply for the Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189). This visa belongs to the General Skilled Migration (GSM) category of Australia. You will have to obtain the desired score in a Points Test although to obtain this visa successfully. 

Ways to increase chances of Permanent Residence in Australia

There are certain ways through which you can increase your chances of gaining a Permanent Residency in Australia. So, first of all make sure that you acquire an adequate amount of score in the points-based test of the visa 189. A checklist of some effective strategies through which you can attain this objective can be considered below. 

  • Accomplish a Professional Year Program

A professional year program (PYP) chiefly combines both hands-on and formal training. That’s why it is considered as a structured program of professional development. After you complete a Professional Year Program, you will gain adequate employment experience in Australia. As a result, you will get five points more to the total score of your points-based test. Make sure you invest the expected duration of twelve months to complete your PYP successfully. 

Eligible PYP sectors

 A PYP is offered solely in the field of engineering, accounting and computer science. The PYP you will choose should pertain any of sectors relevant to your nominated occupation.

  • Attain significant employment experience

You will get more points cumulatively based on the years of work experience you have pertaining to your nominated occupation. So, aside applying for the visa 485 or studying in Australia, focus on gaining a remunerative work experience in the country too. With the temporary graduate visa 485, you can expect to gain some extra employment experience in that of Australia. You will get five points extra against just working in the country only for one year. Consider your former offshore employment experience too for procuring some extra points. 

  • Take your age into consideration
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The score you will gain in your points-based test has a lot to do with your current age. If you are aged between forty five and forty nine years, then, you will get zero points. Conversely, you can expect to get as much as thirty points if you’re aged between twenty five and thirty two years. 

  • Choose a regional area to study

This is yet another strategy optimizing which you can expect to get five points extra in your points-based test. All you have to do for that is to satisfy your Australian study criterion for two years in a regional Australian area. It might be the case that you have gain an employment experience of one year in a regional area of Australia. You did that after residing in a specified regional area of Australia for two years to the minimum. If that is the case, then you can expect to qualify for a different visa variant. To be more specific, you will be able to apply for the Skilled Regional Visa (Subclass 887). 

  • Boost your skills in English language

As an applicant of the visa 189, you can prove your adequate competency in the English language. If it is till the proficiency level, then, rest assured that you will attain a remunerative outcome with your points-test. You can either qualify in the Superior IELTS 8 test or that of the conventional IELTS 7 test. If you wish you can also appear for a test which is equivalent to that. By doing so you can obtain additional points in your points-based test i.e. twenty points and ten points respectively. 

  • Increase your qualifications cumulatively

You can climb the stairs of your qualifications and move on to more advanced levels. As a result, your skills and knowledge will be enhanced to a reasonable extent. Make sure you consult one of the best Migration lawyers in this matter. Depending on your current qualification, your lawyer will suggest you the most appropriate course to complete. If you are a bachelor degree holder, then, you can complete your post-graduation in the same field. You complete a bachelor’s degree program if you are currently holding a diploma degree. 

Acquisition of Extra Points

Similarly, you can complete your PhD as well after you have finished your post-graduation in a certain field. This is because you can expect to get additional points on your points-based test as per the following categories. 

  • Doctorate Programs: Expect to get twenty points extra 
  • Bachelor’s Degree Programs: You will get fifteen points extra
  • Trade and Diploma Qualifications: With a trade or diploma qualification, you will get ten points extra. 

Do you want to know more about increasing your chances of an Australian PR through gaining appropriate qualifications cumulatively? If so, then, contact a team of well-versed Australian migration lawyers in Perth. These lawyers have extensive experience in a diverse range of migration aspects. That’s why they can recommend you the most suitable qualification for gaining. After attaining this qualification you can expect to get the desired points on your points-oriented test. That way you can also increase your chances of gaining a Permanent Residence in Australia. 

Minimum Criteria of the 189 Visa

To apply for the GSM 189 visa, you need to meet the following requirements:

  • You should be between 18 and 49 years 
  • Meet the Australian study criterion by studying a valid course of at least two years 
  • You should nominate an occupation from the Skilled Occupations List of Australia
  • Make sure you qualify in a skilled assessment test in your nominated occupation and
  • You should pass the IELTS test with a minimum score of six or equivalent etc.

Hire the top Visa lawyers Perth to meet all the eligibility criteria stated above perfectly. An Immigration lawyer Consultation assistance is worth seeking as well when it comes to executing each of the tips and tricks given above impeccably. In response to it, you can expect to increase your proximity of attaining a Permanent Residence in Australia.


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