There is a very simple and free method to attract new users. These are active and thoughtful social media activities. They allow you to create both private profiles and so-called business profiles (eg company website, Facebook fan page). There are many of them, but the main thing is that you don’t have to be everywhere. It’s better to first think about which social platform is most suitable for your industry, think over an appropriate strategy and focus your actions on it, than to be all over the place, but marginalized.

For example, the fashion industry thrives on Instagram or Pinterest, business professionals have LinkedIn accounts, and young people choose Snapchat or TikTok. So the platform you choose depends on who you want to target. In short, be where your potential customers are.

Undoubtedly the most important social media platforms are: Facebook, Twitter (although probably not in our country), Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest,

FACEBOOK – tips and tricks

Facebook, if only because it is the most popular medium and generates billions of content, is a difficult medium to conquer. It is difficult to break through the flow of information and misinformation. Here are some tips and tricks that work for Facebook.

Post a short video. A picture is worth a thousand words, and a video is worth a thousand pictures. Moreover, Facebook itself promotes multimedia content. It doesn’t have to be a Hollywood production right away. A video about ten seconds long, captured even on a smartphone, is enough.

Live broadcast. Live streams work very well. This could be, for example, a report from a company event, a press conference, or a product presentation.

Add notes with photos. When you add a post from your blog, be sure to add some images to it. Photos, graphics, infographics. Linking to the post itself is clearly not enough at this time.

The number of characters matters. The rest is hidden under the “Details” link. In practice, messages up to 50 characters are best.

Linkedln – tips and tricks

If you are in the B2B sector, LinkedIn is the ideal platform for making new business contacts, acquiring new customers, and promoting your company’s website.

Here we need to act more … seriously. LinkedIn is not a place to post pictures of your kids, kittens, or information about what you ate for breakfast. So where do you start?

Professional profile for the base. The basis is a professional, fully equipped profile. With a photo (professionally! We do not give “party” photos), position, company name, address.

Portfolio. We attach a portfolio to this. What we do, what we have done so far, what are our experience and skills, what can we boast about (for example, received certificates or awards).

Recommendations. So the command system. If you already have friends on this platform, employees, partners, current or former business partners, do not hesitate to contact them for a recommendation. This will greatly increase your authority and position on LinkedIn.

Get involved. Don’t be passive. Participate in discussions about your industry, comment on other people’s posts, and promote your activities. But in moderation. Blatant advertising is immediately visible here. Also, don’t go overboard with the number of entries. Enough several times a week.

Of course, there are many similar tricks for every platform. For example, how to properly use Instagram hashtags or tips on niche social media.