What is a “view” on TikTok?

TikTok is the perfect platform to show off your creativity. You can make music videos or short films, and they’re easy enough that even beginners will be able to create something amazing within minutes! The views don’t have much barrier either-it’s always counting as soon as you start playing back content on their phone screen (which also means those who come back multiple times may end up seeing more than one “view” total).

In fact, if someone watches from the beginning until the finish without fast-forwarding through parts of it then each second counts towards our numbers here at

Best ways to increase TikTok video views

Add to hashtags

TikTok hashtags are a great way to make your TikTok videos more visible. The algorithm will identify what you’re posting about and who might be interested in watching it as long as they use the right hashtags when posting their video on social media channels like Instagram or Facebook!

This isn’t just true for people with large followings; even if yours isn’t quite big enough yet, there’s still hope: trending topics often end up being shown by search engines too so making sure that any content uploaded has relevance towards these current trends can help boost traffic from both new followers and organic views.

Trending sound effects

The best way to get started with TikTok is by making some sounds. Sure, you can always upload a video or take part in one of their numerous challenges but why not make it more interesting? There are all sorts of cool ways that other users have found success using this app—from creating hashtags related back-and-forth between friends (with tags!) over what song should play next at parties; to having someone else lip sync while they film yourself doing crazy dance moves so there will be no forgotten moments!

Dabble in some duets

TikTok’s Duets feature is a great way to capitalize on an already popular video and create your own views. You can share the split-screen with another user who has also posted their song, sing-along in tandem, or give feedback by commenting below while they perform live – it’s all about piggybacking off of proven content for those looking at higher numbers!

Contribution with an influencer or special guest

Whether you’ve hired an influencer or celebrity guest star, partnering with another brand for cross-over opportunities can bring in some outside voices to your TikTok videos. This is a great way of expanding the reach and attracting new audiences that would otherwise not be interested!

Promote your TikTok content on your other social channels

The best way to get people interested in your brand is by sharing video teasers on other platforms. If you have an Instagram account, post short clips that tease upcoming content and engage with viewers who are already following along online! For example, if I were promoting my new lipstick color next week -I might share three-second long “teaser” videos all over TikTok first so everyone can see what’s leaking beforehand (and then maybe another one just for fun).

Make the best caption

150 characters may seem like a paltry amount of space to work with when creating your TikTok caption, but it’s more than enough. Your caption is the perfect opportunity for you to let viewers know why they should watch this video (hopefully right up until its end!) or get talking in comments both before and after videos have played—and who doesn’t love being included?

 Post your video at the right time

When you post videos to your account, make sure that they are relevant and timely. Check the analytics of when followers log onto their app or website in order for them not only to see new content but also to get exposed right away with an optimal time slot dropping it just before someone else does!

Using Planly, you can schedule TikToks videos for any time in the future. By opening an account on Planly, you can upload your TikTok account. You then enter your post and specify the time and date it will be shared. That’s simple! Try now.

Create high-quality videos

Video content is a powerful tool for brands to build their online presence, engage with audiences and create lasting impressions. However good video editing can be one of the most overlooked yet effective ways in which you make your brand shine! 


If you want to increase TikTok video views, there are a few things you can do. In this blog post, we’ve outlined five ways that you can get more people to watch your videos. We also suggest using some of these tactics along with our other tips for increasing viewership on the platform. Have you tried any of these methods? Let us know how they worked for you in the comments below.