SEO and link-building go hand in hand. That’s because link building fuels SEO optimization by providing multiple ways of evolving your brand. SEO can drive more traffic at any time if done right, but that doesn’t mean this can happen as fast as possible because most methods take time to implement. Link building is also a strategy that needs time and resources to show valid results, but they ultimately pay off the work. 

Whatever your final goal is, you can achieve it through SEO, keyword targeting, metadata or backlinks. If you also want to sprinkle some new social media posts and better content along the way, your business will thrive quite fast, so you need to find what works best for your organization. Here’s what you can do. 

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Guest blogging

Guest blogging is one of the strategies that might work or not, depending on the industry you’re trying to reach. For example, it might be a boosting method for a cooking blog, but when it comes to blockchain technology, you need another approach. However, guest blogging can provide excellent results if you’re at the beginning of the road in business.

That’s because guest blogging has changed, and now it comprises the creation of qualitative content, with strategically added value to your posts so that the other site will accept your content as relevant and authoritative, leading to attracting more audience. A perfectly done guest blogging can offer higher rankings and increased traffic, given that blogging helps position your website among the top results from a search engine.

Image link building

Links can be attractive too, but nothing compares to actually seeing something. Visual content is among the preferred ways for people to consume media because it’s easier to grasp. Therefore, you should build links with images to grab your customer’s attention. There are a few efficient ways through which you can do this:

  • Create infographics. They are persuasive and can help generate more visitors to your website;
  • Design graphics. These can help you save money and time while strengthening your brand;
  • Make product photos. They will appeal to mobile audiences more and increase conversion;
  • Invest in comics. They can help you stand out from the crowd and are also a fresh project for your team;

Broken links

Broken link building leads you to 404 pages on other sites and similar issues. When finding these, you can contact the website owners and suggest you replace these issues with your links, which can help increase the array of targeted customers. Moreover, if you’re able to find backlinks from one or more of your competitors, you’re one step closer to being more relevant to your customers. If broken links are not a priority, but you still want to try this strategy and see what happens at last, you check out for more details on the best strategy for your business. 

Of course, you can’t just take backlinks from any website you encounter; it’s essential to analyze it thoroughly and decide if it’s worth it because, if not, all the time invested might not make up for the strategy. You should also be direct and upfront with the owners of the respective website because, after all, both parties share a common interest. If you’re being honest about it, you’ll be able to form sustainable relationships with other businesses.

Personal Brand

Any company should be able to grow a personal brand over time. This process takes time and can be full of challenges, but for that, you can hire a link building agency to help you with your goal in the long term. However, growing your brand should come from within, and you should be able to do it naturally. For example, some ways in which you can achieve this include the following:

  • Developing a unique brand voice by presenting your ideas and achievements transparently with your audience;
  • Building social media presence through posting as often as possible and engaging with people;
  • Devoting yourself to customer service by investing time and resources to solving customers’ problems;

A brand development strategy can look different for any company, which is why you should consider if you need to change the whole company’s culture and adopt a better one or just change small bits of what you are already doing.

Content pillars

Content pillars can help your customers find information easily and more efficiently. They can roam around a specific topic but can be broken into many sections and materials relevant to the subjects. Clients can therefore immerse in the pillar of information without being lost, and being provided with data continuity allows for high lead returns.

However, this requires a lot of work and will take a lot of time to figure out so that everything is perfect. Otherwise, your clients will leave the website unsatisfied if your content is interrupted. For example, many entrepreneurs write and publish eBooks, which customers highly appreciate. 

Here’s what great eBook planning requires:

  • Scheduling interviews with professionals on your topic and then breaking each one into smaller blog posts;
  • Summarizing your eBook in a video for YouTube or TikTok;
  • Researching to create meaningful and valuable pieces of content;
  • Developing landing pages for each content pillar;
  • Creating an email campaign around the eBook topic;

As you can see, content pillars need time to be built, but they are truly worth it since they ideally comprise one subject into many types of content and link building strategies. At the same time, they make the process of promoting a product more human and connected, which is essential for your clients to come back and expect the same qualitative services.

Bottom line

SEO and link building can be improved in many ways; you only need to find the one that suits you best. However, some traditional strategies are still essential and work as well as modern ones, so don’t be shy to use whatever works for your business. Make sure you’re ready to embrace changes from time to time regarding marketing improvements.