Uses system or RAM (random access memory) memory to “receive” programs and information used by the operating system (Windows). So it must be the most dreamy time of the year. If you use multiple programs at once, your computer will run out of memory. Can you speed up your laptop by updating your memory? If you have several programs at once, or CAD (computer aided training), video and audio editing programs, etc. If you are the type of user who works with such complex programs, you may need more RAM to work efficiently. If you are a normal user and use Skype for your computer to check your email, access the internet or play simple games, you need to do more to speed up your laptop. Please contact us for Best performing cheaps laptops under 150.

Refresh system memory.

Trying to update a laptop’s memory is not difficult, it requires some tools and a little research. Instead of taking your laptop to a local computer repair shop and spending $ 75.00 on it, why not do it yourself? After reading this “how” article, you can do it in a few minutes. Finding out about your system’s memory will take longer than installing memory.

One caveat is that some laptops do not have access to the memory module under the notebook, which can be a bit cumbersome. These usually take the bottom of the memory to the laptop memory and eliminate some errors. These types of updates are not covered in this article.

The tools you need

You will need a small Phillips rifle, a small flat gun (optional) and an internet connection. If you do not have a gun, you can find it at the Wal-Mart store for less than 00.00. The next tool you need is an internet connection, a proper memory test and finally about 1/2 hour to learn the process. This makes it easy to lose your money and your computer when you are in a repair shop.

Find the model number of the laptop

First you need to find the model number of the laptop that is usually in the laptop case. Take a good look because there are so many hidden places at the bottom of the notebook. You are not looking for an S / N, P / N or service mark, but a special “form” word. Sometimes the model number is located under the battery. Maybe the manufacturer has a simple model number on the laptop keyboard, or it’s printed on the screen design. For example, Toshiba uses format numbers like the L305D-S5935, but there are as many “satellites” as you need in the keyboard area. # Uses HP DV7-9600, G6-1064US and more. Dell usually has about 1550, 1460. Like a four-digit number, but there must be a model number printed out somewhere on the laptop.

Finding the right memory

The next step is to find the correct memory. Toshiba says you have a laptop and need to go to Toshiba’s help page. Google Toshiba is only available in the US, then click the Toshiba link. Some sites use Toshiba on their websites and you do not want people to click on it.

At the top of the Toshiba website page you will find the “Services and Support” tab (other manufacturers’ sites may vary slightly) You may click on this tab to see the list of consumer products, business products and more. . Click on the product user’s product, then go to the page before clicking on “Technical Support” and click this link, then you will be taken to the page where you want to enter the model number of the laptop, or you will be selected. Yourself. Forms from several drop down menus. All manufacturers’ websites will be slightly different, but if there is a problem, the Google manufacturer’s name will only be created with “US Support”, you will have to find the right page.

When you go to the technical support page, you will see drivers, newsletters, downloads and many more clips. Scroll down until you see “Memory”, which shows how much memory is installed on your system and how much memory it can refresh. Most importantly, the type of memory to use on a laptop such as DDR2 800MHz, DDR3 1077MHz.

Discovering internal memory

Your laptop system has a certain amount of memory. If you bought a used laptop, your system may have a different amount of memory.