Nowadays, there are several modern and advanced sight systems such as red dots, reflex sights, and low mag rifle scopes, available in the market. Each has its own advantages, disadvantages, and certain use cases. However, peep sights remain to be a popular choice for most firearm owners as it is a simple, fast, rugged, and inexpensive sight system. Rifle peep sights improve the eye’s ability to see front sight on the notch by reducing the field of view. While disorienting at first, as focus sharpens, when you look through a small gap, peep sights boost your vision. However, it is essential to use peep sight correctly for accurate shooting. 

Choosing the Right Size Peep Sight

Choosing the right peep sight is the foremost and significant factor for improving its accuracy. Different people have different sight preferences. Thus, choosing the right size of a peep sight can decide what you achieve as a result. The size ranges from 040” being the smallest to 155” the largest. The smaller peep diameter provides more accuracy. When you opt for a small aperture, you lessen the chances of errors as it is easy to center halfway pin. This results in more accurate shots. A smaller aperture is always better as both buckles and targets are at the focal point. Concentrating on the target is easier with a small aperture. A large peep sight covers a wider area thus becoming difficult to center the halfway pin and increases errors. Additionally, you have the fiber optic peep sight wherein the front notch has two strands of fiber optics that assist with illumination in low-light conditions. If you aim with a pin halfway between the center and edge of the peep with a large opening your gun will hit much further from the target.

Mounting the Peep Sight Properly

Simply investing in a Marlin rifle peep sight won’t automatically or magically improve your sight accuracy. You need to mount it properly as incorrect placement can affect your accuracy. The principle is that the peep sight placement determines how close to the sights the gun will fire the bullet. However, you don’t want to end up mounting the peep sight where you end up struggling to look through it. You should place it in a location where you can look through the peep aperture naturally. Test fire to check if the mounting is correct. Once you are sure about the mounting, it is time to move towards making fine adjustments to get the aim correct.

Adjusting the peep sight.

To attach the rifle peep sight in a proper way, you will need to manipulate the bullet’s path with the center of the rifle. You will need to adjust the peep sight parallel to the gun barrel’s axis by screwing tripods to the rifle’s body alongside adjusting its arm firmly. After attaching the peep sight, adjust the elevation knob on the peep sight. This will establish the proper relationship between the font head and your target. The elevation of rear peep sight can be raised for shots on lower targets. 

Likewise, you can lower the elevation to aim at the shots on the higher targets. Similarly adjust windage screw on peep sight for correct right and left alignment. Adjust the two knobs labeled U (for Up) and L (for Left) in the same direction you want your shots to move. Once you achieve the right alignment of peep sights, your rifle will attain near-perfect accuracy.

Estimate the precision of a peep sight

Every shooter should learn to use peep sight in the right way. Using Henry rifle peep sight, you can shoot at targets, even up to the range of 200 yards. For complete precision get your face as close as possible to the rear sight peephole. If the face is placed far away from the rear sight peephole then it will lower the field of view. This will have a negative impact on the accuracy. Being closer to the peephole will result in better precision shots due to the shrinkage of groups. While aiming through peep sight, the end sight should be in the center of the circle of the peep sight for precise shooting. 

Fire away

Once you are confident regarding the placement and adjustment of your peep sights, it is time to test it. Keep both your eyes open while aiming using the peep sights. When keeping the non-sighting eye closed, the peep closes up. When aiming using both eyes, the gap looks bright and round. Align the rear aperture to the front notch/ aperture in a way that the target appears just above the front notch.

Wrapping Up

The best approach to improve your aiming and shooting accuracy is to choose the correct size and kind of peep sight for each hunting firearm and mounting it properly. So, keep these pointers mentioned above, in mind both before and after purchasing a peep sight for your firearm.


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