Do you still have a mind-blowing question, “How to surprise your couple on the dating anniversary?” The person you love, of course, deserves the best, and you don’t plan to give him/her something trivial. The following tips will help you have an unforgettable anniversary.

Romantic Breakfast

Let your celebration start right in the morning — cook a delicious breakfast. Fresh fruits and berries, crispy toast, fragrant coffee, and serve these to bed — what can be more pleasant? Don’t forget to decorate your bedroom. For example, if you fill the balloons with helium, they will spectacularly float under the ceiling. You can get heart-shaped balloons, you can make a big heart out of durable red balloons yourself, or you can decorate the house with regular white, pink, and red balloons that you may pick up at As an option, attach on the string of each balloon small cards with a declaration of love. 

Make It as a Family Celebration

Agree in advance if you want to spend the day alone or invite friends and family to share your joy. The first option is undoubtedly better, but if guests cannot be avoided, ask them to bring treats or involve them in the cooking process. 

Night Out at Luxurious Place

If you are willing to avoid any household chores like cooking and serving, keep in mind to book the restaurant so that the free table search doesn’t mar the holiday. 

Cozy Evening at Home

If you stay at home, arrange that the phones will be turned off and no one will disturb you. Order your favorite dishes, open a bottle of good wine and watch nostalgic, romantic movies.

Spend the Night Together

Go to a concert of your favorite band as it’s a great way to get nostalgic and remember the warm days of first dates. If you dream of silence, get a spa certificate. That’s a fantastic chance for couples who want to relax and enjoy themselves to the fullest. Spend the day enjoying massages, beauty treatments, and swimming in the pool.

Passionate Photoshoot

Of course, you have a bunch of romantic selfies, but a professional photoshoot is different. Why not document the big day? Book a photoshoot in Toronto, quickly fly there, prepare fancy outfits and attributes, pick up picturesque scenery and make an incredible love story with your loved one. Print out the photos and hang them in frames in your home (if you already live together) as a reminder of one of your wonderful days.

Weekend for Two

If you have a whole weekend ahead, take advantage of it and go to another city or country. Exploring unfamiliar locations together will bring you closer and add new shared experiences. When you aren’t ready for such activities and stay on this day in your home city, you may take a walk along the routes and places where you spent your first dates, play a game together in the quest room, a parachute jump, or an extreme excursion will make your relationship stronger.