It is often said that the people within a business are its most important assets. It has been shown by various studies that the top performers within a business can be as much as 400 percent more productive than their colleagues. In complex occupations, such as engineering, computer programming, and academia, the level of productivity can be as much as 800 percent higher. This makes hiring top talent a very important task in order to ensure the success of any business. 

Skills and traits in top talent

Some of the most desirable skills and traits that a business requires and that top talent will have in abundance include the following:

  • Attention to detail – important details can be present in a range of things, such as numbers and accounts, complex processes, and written communications. Individuals who are focused on the finer details are often highly organized, good at problem solving, and are open to accepting change. 
  • Calmness under pressure – in every job role there are many factors (both internal and external) that exist which challenge the quality and success of projects / tasks. Those staff members who can stay focused and produce while under pressure are an asset to any business. 
  • Leadership skills – this includes being focused, confident, an effective communicator and having the ability to both create and achieve goals. These skills are important for regular employees, but even more so for those working in management type roles. 
  • Positivity – having a positive attitude is a key attribute in achieving goals. As a result, top talent is less likely to remove themselves from the situation when things get tough or challenging. An added bonus to being positive is that it rubs off on their colleagues and customers alike. 

While the advice given here can be used by businesses themselves in order to hire the best possible people for the job, if a business really wants to attract top talent then it should leave the hiring process to a specialist recruitment company, such as Solutions Driven.

Identifying these skills and traits

While it is important to know what skills and traits top talent has and what talent assessment tools you need to use to improve your recruitment process, the next step is identifying these in candidates during the hiring process. Some of the methods for doing this include the following:

  • Outline the expectations – being clear about what is expected from a candidate and what their job role may include is vitally important to be able to identify which candidates are the top talent and best suited to the role. Identify specific traits and / or skills that they need.
  • Use trusted referrals – using referrals provides great insight into the previous performance of job candidates so that it can be established if they are indeed top talent. There are many different referral sources out there for this. 
  • Use data – there are various different metrics that can be used in order to identify the specific accomplishments of a candidate. This may include numbers relating to level of customer satisfaction, projects completed, production levels etc.