Finding the perfect web developer is equally as hard as turning coal into a diamond. Did you know that around 38% of the online visitors leave a website if the design and layout of the website are not attractive? The website is more like a brand or the online face of the company that greatly influences the visitor’s perception of your business. In order to have an attractive website, you need a professional web developer. Keeping that in mind, we’ve shared some tips on how to hire a great freelance web developer or web design agency. 

1. Decide the budget 

 Setting up a budget at the primary stage makes all the hiring easier. If you’ve not already decided budget for web development, then this should be your first step. Also, there’s no standard pricing in the web development industry, so when setting up a budget, you should have a clear idea regarding your upper limit, which would determine the expertise level of the web developer you’ll hire. 

2. Pick the type of the Web Developer

The website developing and designing industry has become very saturated over time. This is beneficial for the eCommerce store owner and online marketers because they now have several options to get their work done. Some of the most common kinds of web developers you can hire include;

  • The Freelancer 

One of the best kinds that you can hire is a freelance webdeveloper. There are many reasons to hire a freelance web developer over the agency. A freelance web developer offers more cost-effective solutions, unlimited revisions, and communication with a freelancer is very easy. Working with a freelance web developer is an informal experience. You can contact them multiple times during the work and get your work project done at a relatively lower price than a company with better quality. However, when hiring a freelance webdeveloper, make sure to look at his portfolio and years of experience in a relevant field. The freelance market also has many unprofessional web designers and developers that can ruin your project. So, make sure to hire the best one even if his price is a bit more than others. 

  • The Design Agency 

There are several design agencies that are made up of small teams of graphic designers, web developers, and programmers that work closely on several projects together. Compared to the freelancers, the design agencies are more expensive; however, they offer more customization and services than a freelancer. For example, you can also get your other work done besides website development from a design agency.

  • Digital Marketing Agency

As the name suggests, a digital marketing agency is a full service agency that offers complete digital services like PPC, Social Media Marketing, SEO alongside Web Development. Due to that, digital marketing agencies charge a hefty service fee as compared to small-sized design agencies and freelance web developers. 

3. Look at the portfolio 

Once you’ve selected the right kind of designer for your website project, then the next critical step is to look at their portfolio. Doing that provides you with some crucial insights about the quality of the work and some ideas for improving your website project. 

You can also hire an inexperienced web developer if you’re low on budget. Not all web developers without huge portfolios are unreliable. 

4. Read Past Clients Testimonials 

Another essential tip for hiring a great web developer is reading past clients’ testimonials of the web developer. You can read them on their website or even freelance platforms. These reviews can help you decide which web developer you should hire. Also, a developer with plenty of reviews typically means greater quality service.

5. Conduct an online interview

If possible, arrange a zoom call with a developer you’re thinking of hiring. It’s a great way to discuss the project details and judge the capability of the web developer. You can ask him questions about past experience and some ideas about how he can benefit your business or make your website better.

6. Hire slow, fire fast

It may sound silly, but it’s an effective way to move forward. Many companies are stuck with unprofessional and unproductive web developers that are not following deadlines and delivering work full of mistakes. And people don’t fire them just because they don’t want to go through the whole process of hiring again. So, take your time when you’re hiring a web developer and do the proper research for finding the great ones, so you don’t have to look for a new one later.

Final Thoughts

Website is a crucial part of any business today. So, make sure to hire a great webdeveloper as the success of your business greatly depends on that. In case you want to hire a freelance web developer, you can check websites like Fiverr, Upwork, and personal sites of freelance web developers.