Are you searching for writers? There are thousands of professional writers.

It’s simple to find cheap content writers. There’s no doubt about that. The question is how do you find the best professional for your business? 

What are the questions you should ask? How can you determine which are the top ones?

Determine Your Working Relations: In-House vs. Freelance Writers

If you’re planning to hire a content creator it is important to decide if you’d like to use one full-time or work as a freelancer. It’s not an easy choice as every type of writer has distinct pros and cons to consider.

Let’s examine each of the cases.

Hiring an In-House Writer

  • The in-house writer is more reliable they won’t miss deadlines or vanish without warning.
  • They’re focused on their job. If they need to do any work they can respond.
  • They’re invested in the company and have complete ownership of their work as well as your company’s performance.

Define Your Content Needs

Writing is a wide range of capabilities and specializations. Although a writer can write about any topic given enough time, that doesn’t mean they create high-quality content in any style.

You should hire writers whose strengths are in line with your goals. The writer may be the most effective copywriter on your landing page. But be poor at composing an engaging story for your articles and the same can be said of different types of content.

A fan of creating articles as well as related content such as eBooks and emails. But I’m not a natural at creating technical content because it’s not my area of expertise. I could write it, but, you may not see the highest return on your investment with my abilities.

To test the writing abilities of a writer first, you should begin by examining the type of content they can write. This can include:

Define Your Budget

This is among the most important choices you have to make before deciding whether you engage writers for content. You need to know what outcomes you’d like to achieve from them, and what these results are important to your company. From there, you’ll determine the amount you are willing to spend on Content marketing.

One of the most common mistakes companies makes when they hire a content writer is to determine in advance the amount. They will spend without considering what they could receive from a writer within the price they are willing to pay.

Remember that content by itself is useless. You need the correct kind of content that will help you increase your sales. So, if you use content writers who can be a good match for your business you will receive the most value for your investment even if they’re costly.

Interview the Writers

If you’ve found an author you like then you must arrange an interview with them to get to know them better. In your interview, ensure that you ask the writer some questions. That will aid in understanding whether it is logical for you both to collaborate.

Before you hire a content writer you should inquire about the following questions to determine. If they’re the right choice to be working with your business.

Discuss with your Content Writers

Negotiation is one of the skills that you should develop to recruit, qualify and then hire writers who write content. It is possible to negotiate a variety of things between your writer based on whether you’re hiring an in-house writer or a freelance writer.

If you’re using an employee writer in your company the negotiations will involve issues of financial and legal nature that go that are beyond the scope of this article. I’m not an HR professional so I’m unable to give you a lot of information about the legal implications when you hire a brand new member to your team. It’s still possible to enjoy the knowledge I’ll provide below from hiring freelance writers.

If you’re looking to hire freelance writers the first thing that you must negotiate is the cost. I’ve before discussed the amount you should expect to pay for a writer to help you in your price negotiations.

Don’t, but, try to reduce the cost of writing. If they’re clear that they’ll charge you $500 for 1500 words, then that’s the cost. Respect it.

If you’re looking to negotiate an affordable price and get a good deal, consider an annual retainer agreement. In which writers pay in advance for a couple of months and they’ll charge less per piece. It’s a win for both parties.

If you don’t, you’re spilling your spit on the shoes of your coworkers (or hands in this instance). It’s not a good idea to demand less if you think you’re asking excessively.

Final Words

Finding content writers to hire takes time. I’m sure I’ve gained a lot of knowledge from the process of hiring writers for my projects or for companies I worked with, but, the more you try it, the easier it becomes.