Most people select a crystal for its associated powers and energies, although many cultures believe that certain crystals grant good luck because they look similar to certain body parts or offer connections to nature. For example, choosing a tiger’s eye as your lucky stone might be based on its earthy qualities or its connection with cats. Regardless of why you choose your lucky stone, it’s important not to forget how large an impact symbolism can have on our lives. Learn more about how lucky stones work and why they are best suited to your needs with this handy guide on how to harness the power of your lucky stone.

The best time to use your crystal

While there’s no hard-and-fast rule regarding when you should use your crystal, most crystal healers will tell you that there are certain times in life when we need a little extra help. Many people carry their crystals with them all day, every day especially while sleeping, working and studying. Here are some common stressful times in life when you might want to keep your favorite crystal on your body like during exams, after a breakup, during an illness, if you feel overwhelmed at work or home or if you have any kind of sudden change in circumstances such as moving homes, changing jobs or becoming pregnant.

Under what conditions should you not use your crystal?

If you’re getting a new crystal or stone, don’t use it for a week or so. This is because you want your energy, and that of your surroundings, to get used to each other. Make sure that you cleanse it before starting using it regularly as well. Crystals and stones can hold in negative energy if they haven’t been properly cleaned. Crystals are all about balance: yours, theirs, and their place in your space!  As with everything else on our list today, crystals aren’t going to magically solve your problems but they will empower you to take charge of them yourself.

Best practices for using your stone

First, choose your stone based on its meaning. A black tourmaline may be lucky for you; a tiger’s eye will likely bring you good fortune. Keep it close by and carry it with you as much as possible (remember, crystals are non-conductive so they won’t interfere with your phone or computer!) Focus on meditating on your stone, its meaning and how it can bring you good luck.

Think about what specific need you have right now that aligns with your crystal’s properties like success in business, Peace, Health and Luck. If you need help focusing, set aside a few minutes each day to sit quietly, focus on breathing and think about what exactly would make you feel better at that moment. Imagine what life would look like if everything went according to plan.

Do certain conditions require specific types of crystals?

Yes! The type of crystal is usually determined by your specific intention. For example, if you are trying to help someone else feel more positive and cheerful, there’s nothing like rose quartz in their environment. If you need a bit more peace and harmony for yourself, then something like an amethyst will work wonders for you. But what about simply improving your mood? Or keeping yourself focused on your goals? How do you determine which crystal is right for that kind of intention? Well, it really just depends on how you want to use it.

Should you carry your stone with you all the time?

It’s advised that you carry your stone with you all the time, but when it comes to larger pieces, it can be cumbersome. If you have a big stone and want to carry it around with you, first keep in mind that it might be uncomfortable or annoying if done improperly. To help avoid discomfort, place your stone in a cloth bag (preferably one made of cotton) and secure it tightly so that it stays put even when not worn. Smaller stones can easily fit into pockets or on jewelry.

There are a plethora of crystals and stones out there that can help bring luck and prosperity into your life. However, not all of them have been proven effective, nor have they been proven safe in any way. Therefore, I suggest consulting a certified professional to find out which crystal or stone is best for you to harness its real power.